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18May 18
Congratulations To Our Hard Working Level 6 Grads!

Congratulations to our hard working Level 6 Grads!

Nehemiah P.

Nehemiah, who is 7 years old, started swimming at Charlotte Aquatics when he was two. At first he was terrified of the water but his favorite memory is having Ms. Gigi as his teacher during the first 2 years. When he was 4yrs old he watched one of the level 6 graduates receive a trophy and he said “Mommy I am going to get a trophy one day too for swimming!” Since then Nehemiah has been very dedicated to swim. His favorite day of the week is Thursdays because he knows he gets to come to Charlotte Aquatics. He says that swimming has made him smarter and wants to keep swimming after he finishes level 6 and get even better at the backstroke. When he is not swimming he enjoys playing basketball, riding his bike or scooter, playing with his friends, and he has a new puppy that keeps him very busy. His favorite swimming memory is playing marco polo with some neighborhood friends, mommy, and Kenny last summer. Nehemiah says that he loves Charlotte Aquatics and the one thing he loves most is having Ms. Deborah as his teacher.



Shlok M.

Shlok 7 year old enthusiastic boy who enjoys water like a fish. He loves swimming, taekwondo as much as he loves Mathematics. He wants to grow up and become a president and also dreams to move to California with his little sister who he loves very much!


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01May 18

Our Newest Level 6 Graduates!

Grant M.

Grant Martin is an 8 year old second grader who loves to swim because it keeps him active. Since he started at Charlotte Aquatics 3 years ago, it has been Grant’s goal to pass the level 6 swim class.  He has appreciated all of his swim instructors and has learned so much from them.  Grant has enjoyed his swim lessons because each level continued to push him to perfect all of the strokes, especially the backstroke which is his favorite.  The lessons have also taught him about water safety. One of his favorite times of the year is fall when pumpkins are used in the pool as part of the swim lessons! When he’s not swimming, Grant likes to play soccer, read, go camping, play with his friends and he is also training to run a half marathon next spring.


Myrah M.

Myrah has come a long way in her swimming journey at Charlotte Aquatics.  She has become super confident in the water.  Myrah’s goal was to pass level 6 before her 6th Birthday. She did just that! Completing level 6 has given her faith in knowing she can accomplish anything she works hard for. She has loved working with all the teachers. She will greatly miss Ms. Kathryn as she spent the most time with her.  Myrah loves the friendly and kind staff at Charlotte Aquatics.  Myrah will cherish all the level ribbons and the trophy that she earned by working hard.  Myrah plans to continue swimming by making it a regular part of her life.  


Samantha W.

Samantha lived in England the first 4 years of her life.  She started swim lessons when she was 4 months old (her Dad is Australian and so being a strong swimmer is important to the family).  She suddenly grew scared of the water when she turned 2 and cried for about 12 weeks of lessons.  Then we went on a vacation where her Dad taught her to jump into the pool with no armbands and she LOVED it!  She has been a fish ever since.  We enrolled Samantha at Charlotte Aquatics as soon as we moved here at age 4 and she has been swimming with Ms Deborah and Ms Liz ever since.  She really LOVES to swim and the teachers are incredible.  This will be her second summer of participating on a Swim Team (The Sardis Sharks)!  When Samantha is not swimming she is playing. Her favorite stroke is Freestyle and swimming is her favorite sport! What she likes most about Charlotte Aquatics are her teachers. “I love Ms. Deborah and Ms. Liz!”

Parent Note: Thank you for a great experience, it has been so fun as a parent to watch Samantha grow in confidence and skill level these past 2+ years!  


Peyton M.

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26Apr 18

Safety Week at Charlotte Aquatics

April 30 – May 6 is Safety Week at Charlotte Aquatics. During Safety Week your child will be jumping in the pool with their clothes on. It is important to have students experience this to avoid a panicked experience in the future should an emergency occur and they find themselves in water with clothing on.

Keeping your child safe in and around the water is crucial. You are taking the first and most important step by having them learn how to swim. Swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning by 88%! However, by reviewing these rules (more than once) you will also decrease the odds of a water related tragedy.


  1. Review the water safety rules
  • Always swim with an adult watching
  • Always walk slowly never run around the pool to avoid slipping and falling
  • Call 911 in case of an emergency. Actually have your child practice dialing 911 so they know exactly what that means.
  1. Ask your child what they would do if they fell into a pool.
  • Turn around and grab the wall
  • Roll on your back and float
  • Tread water for the more experienced swimmers
  1. Review jump safety rules. Look before you leap and always jump feet first away from the wall.
  • Ask them what they should look for – other people, toys, an adult is present and watching, how deep/shallow the water is, etc…
  1. If your child gets tired while swimming, reinforce that they can roll over onto their back and rest while they float. They can then roll back over to the front and swim a little further. They can continue to swim, roll over, float, and rest until they reach safety.
  2. Only dive in designated areas. Never dive in water that you are unsure of the depth such as a lake, river, or pond.
  3. Reach or throw – don’t go. Children should be taught to never go in the water to save someone. They should yell for help, try to reach for the victim or throw them something that floats.

Remember, we culminate our Safety Week with Safety Day, a free event for students and the community. Children will learn not only about water safety but car safety, animal safety, fire safety, stranger danger and so much more. Join us in our parking lot for lots of fun and learning on Sunday, May 6th from 1:00pm – Bring a friend and enjoy the fun!!

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25Apr 18

Dry Drowning and Secondary Drowning – What You Need to Know!

Dry drowning – what is it? Around this time of year, we always get a few questions from worried parents about drowning and especially, “What exactly is dry drowning?” When parents ask this question, they are usually asking about delayed or secondary drowning. Let me educate you about both.

With dry drowning, water never enters the victim’s lungs. Rather, it causes the vocal chords to spasm and shuts off the airway without actually filling the lungs with water. It looks a lot like normal drowning because it occurs in real time and causes asphyxiation. An example of a situation where this could occur is your child being hit in the face (with their mouth open) by a big wave. Water does not enter the lungs (as in drowning) but causes the vocal chords to shut off the airway thus cutting of the oxygen supply. you would notice difficulty with breathing right away. This is not an

Delayed drowning, sometimes called secondary drowning, is different and typically what parents are asking about. Water gets into the lungs in small amounts — not enough to disable breathing right away. Instead, it sits there and inhibits the lungs’ ability to oxygenate blood. From there, the victim starts to have more and more trouble breathing over the course of several hours.

Here’s what you need to look for, even hours after you’ve left the pool or beach:

  • Difficulty breathing, coughing, chest pain, or throwing up. Look for rapid and shallow breaths, nostril flaring, or a pronounced gap in the ribs when breathing. These are all signs a child is working too hard to get oxygen.
  • Extreme tiredness. Big-time fatigue can be a sign that the brain isn’t getting enough oxygen.
  • Any odd change in behavior. Kids in the beginning stages of delayed drowning may be really cranky, argumentative, or combative.
  • Odd physical changes. Look out for blue lips or pale skin.

If your child displays these symptoms, do not delay – seek medical attention. However, do not panic and keep your child away from the wonderful world of water! Dry drowning and delayed drowning are very rare. They make up only 1-2% of all drowning incidents.




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20Apr 18

Two more Super Swimming Level 6 Champions!

Campbell W.

Campbell started swimming with Charlotte Aquatics when he was 4 years old. He started in group lessons and progressed to private as his interest grew and he developed his technique. He is now 7 years old and a 1st grade student who really loves science. In addition to swim, Campbell loves to play soccer and flag football. His favorite NFL teams are the Panthers and the Tennessee Titans (much to his parents’ chagrin 😊). Campbell’s favorite swim stroke is the breast stroke. He loves the rope swing at Charlotte Aquatics and also loves his teacher Liz, who allows him to take short swim breaks in the middle of lessons for fun in the pool!

Parent’s Note: We are so excited Campbell has reached this big milestone and are looking forward to his graduation!


Siri C.

Hello! My name is Siri and I am 9 years old and started the intriguing sport swimming when I was 7 years old.  Swimming is one of my favorite sport and will always be. Swimming makes me feel tranquilized and when I do it, it helps me improve my physical fitness stamina. Charlotte Aquatics was and will always be the most important step to success in my life of swimming. The beginning of a long line of swimming events, a building block to never forget.

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18Apr 18

Here are our Newest Level 6 Graduates

Kelly H.

My name is Kelly H. and I’m 10 years old and in fifth grade. When I’m not swimming I like to read. My best swimming memory is when there was an Olympics when I was little. I put my patches in a drawer with important things like baby photos. My favorite stroke is breaststroke.

Swimming has impacted me by helping me not drown. My favorite thing about Charlotte Aquatics is when I got to be in a class with my sister. And my favorite memory at Charlotte Aquatics is when I got to see my baby cousin swim with my aunt.

Henry G.

Nainika B.

Jenna N.

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10Apr 18

Congratulations to our Level 6 Champions!

Avani D

My name is Avani and I am 8 years old. I am in 2nd grade and my favorite stroke is backstroke. When I am not swimming I like to read and play with my little brother. I kept all my patches in a separate folder. I am not afraid of water anymore because of swimming. My favorite memory is when I swam in 5ft without any help!






MiKaylah R.

MiKaylah is a 9 year old 4th grader. When she is not swimming, she enjoys modeling, dancing, and a traveling with her family. MiKaylah’s favorite swimming memory is when she won multiple first place awards as a member of the Huntington Forest swim team. MiKaylah’s favorite swim strokes are freestyle and backstroke.  What MiKaylah has enjoyed most about Charlotte Aquatics was each time she leveled up and ultimately passing level 6. MiKaylah is looking forward to the upcoming swim team season and continued traveling adventures with her family. 





Aleena F.

My name is Aleena and I am 7 years old. When I am not swimming I do Taekwando, play with my plush toys, and play with my older brother. He also graduated from Charlotte Aquatics! My best swimming memory is when I passed level 6. I did not know that I was going to graduate that day. It was a surprise. My dad got me a balloon and I love the trophy Mr. Mike gave me. My favorite swim strokes are Freestyle and Butterfly. I love swimming and I feel more comfortable in the water. I like the staff and my instructors, especially Mr. Mike. My favorite memory of Charlotte Aquatics is when Mr. Mike gave me my trophy.

Parent Note: We are so proud of Aleena. Thank you to all the staff and instructors at Charlotte Aquatics for teaching our kids the important life-long skill of swimming. We have been with you for over 8 years and it has been a wonderful experience. We look forward to enrolling both kids in the Elite Fish program over the Summer.

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28Mar 18
Congratulations To Our Newest Level 6 Graduates!

Congratulations to our Newest Level 6 Graduates!

Constantine started swim lessons at Charlotte Aquatics at age 3. Since he started lessons, he has grown in his abilities, confidence and technique that has extended throughout other aspects of his life. He is a 3rd grade student and really enjoys math. In addition to swim, Constantine has also played the Cello since he was three and performs at school and in recitals. He also loves basketball and his favorite basketball team is Syracuse. Constantine will also be a part of his neighborhood swim team starting in May. His favorite swim stroke is freestyle.

Hi I am Malaak and I am 10 years old. When I am not swimming I enjoy reading and playing video games. The best swimming memory I have is learning the backstroke. I have all of my patches on my wall! My favorite stroke is the front crawl. Swimming has impacted my life by increasing my physical fitness. Charlotte Aquatics has been a great experience. My favorite memory is having lessons around Christmas! The decorations were great. 

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