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Caroline is happy to be a teaching assistant here at Charlotte Aquatics! She is a student at CPCC studying to be a paramedic and hopes to eventually earn a degree in Biology. Caroline grew up with six other siblings and has taught Sunday school at her church since she was twelve years old! Caroline has a passion for teaching and loves to share what she knows with all of her students such as Dance and Swimming. Caroline discovered her love for swimming while she was a lifeguard at Carowinds. She would spend her on and off days at the pool swimming laps whenever she got the chance. Caroline has been swimming since she was 8 years old. Although she has never swam competitively, she loves to perfect her stroke technique. In her free time, Caroline loves to paint, dance, play guitar, sing, and help people on the ambulance! But nothing wins her heart over like being a part of the Charlotte Aquatics family!