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04May 19

Introducing Our April Level 6 Graduates

Aarav M.

My name is Aarav and I am 7 years old. I am in the first grade. I go out and play with my friends and play Legos when I am not swimming. I have been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since I was 6 years old. My best swimming memory is when I did the front crawl with flippers. I was so fast and had so much fun. My favorite stroke is breaststroke.  Learning how to swim helped me gain confidence and I can swim in big pools now. The best part of Charlotte Aquatics is the teachers, William, Liz, Gigi and Mike are the best and they helped me in learning swimming so fast. Mr. Mike is so funny! Thanks to everyone and I will miss Mr. Mike, Ms. Gigi, and Liz a lot.


Marianne T.

My name is Marianne. I’m nine years old and in third grade. When I’m not swimming, I’m playing with my LOLs or watching Netflix. I also like to play with my little brother sometimes. My best swimming memory was getting to level 6. My favorite stroke is butterfly. Swimming has changed my life; I’m not scared of drowning anymore. I think what I like most is swinging on the rope and jumping then swimming. 





Prem D.

Prem is 8 years old and in Grade 2. He has been attending Charlotte Aquatics since he was a toddler. Prem loves attending Charlotte Aquatics and loves to have Mr. Mike and Ms. Deborah as teachers. When Prem is not swimming he plays alot of nintendo. His favorite memory is cannonballing everywhere he can. Prem unfortunately has lost all his patches but will definitely safeguard his trophy. Prem’s favorite stroke is the dolphin kick. Swimming helps Prem exercise and it’s very fun. Prem says all of the teacher’s  at Charlotte Aquatics have been very nice to him. His favorite memory will be graduation with his trophy. He has worked very hard and has been looking forward to it for some time. He is also looking forward to starting the Elite Fish class


Samantha W.

My name is Samantha. My parents started swim classes for me when I was 4 because we have a pool in our yard and they wanted me to learn to swim. At first I was scared, but after I learned how to swim I loved it. My parents said after level 5 I could be done, but I wanted to keep going to get the trophy! I was most afraid at first to get into the pool. Here are a few things about me I’d like to share about me. When I’m not swimming, I like to play outside. My favorite thing about Charlotte Aquatics was doing a cannon ball in the pool. My favorite part was getting my trophy and I have it in my room. My favorite stroke is the breaststroke. I like swimming because it makes me happy! I am 7 now and my mom recommends Charlotte Aquatics to all her friends with kids, because she says the program and teachers are legit. 


Alexandra F.

Halle P.

Lana S.

Sahana S.




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09Apr 19

Congratulations to our March Level 6 Graduates!!

Congratulations to our harding working students for passing our highest level! Setting a goal and persevering pays off!

Benson P.

My name is Benson. I am nine years old and in fourth grade. WhenI’m not swimming, I usually play with my brother’s I-phone. When I’m not playing games, I play with my baby sister. I love playing basketball with my friends. My favorite swimming memory is in level 5/6 because I got to have Ms. Liz. I am ahppy because I got to swim. My favoriets stroke is breaststroke and back crawl. Swmiimng changed my life because first I did not know how to swim at all. The best thing about Charlotte Aquatics is that I get to swim and feel free!






Katherine is 7 years old and has been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since she was an infant.  When she was in the first few levels, she was afraid to open her eyes under water, but she kept trying and is excited to finally pass Level 6!  Her best memory at Charlotte Aquatics is passing Level 1 because it was the first time she got a patch and certificate like her older brother.  Swimming has changed her life because now she can swim and play confidently in her grandparents’ lake.  Her favorite stroke is the backstroke, and her best swimming memory is jumping into the lake from her grandparents’ boat to swim with her cousins.  Katherine is in second grade, and when not swimming, she enjoys art and playing on screens.  She says her favorite thing about Charlotte Aquatics is that they encouraged her to persevere (her words!).  

Oliver Z.

My name is Oliver and I am 9 years old. When I am not swimming I enjoy spending time playing outside with my brothers and three dogs. My best swimming memory is participating in swim team the last three summers at the Reserve and winning ribbons! My favorite stroke is Backstroke. Swimming makes me happy – now that I am a great swimmer I love going down the water slides at Carowinds! What I like the most about Charlotte Aquatics are the coaches, especially Ms. Gigi and I love the rope. My favorite memory is safety day and jumping in the water with all my clothes on!





My name is Zosia and I am 8 years old.  I love to swim!  I also love riding my bike, playing outside and playing piano.  I have loved getting better at all of the swimming strokes and swimming my favorite, Freestyle.  My favorite thing at Charlotte Aquatics is swinging on the rope.  I am really happy to have my little brother swimming with me at Charlotte Aquatics too!






Andrea J.

Saujanya D.

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07Mar 19

What does it mean to graduate from level 6?

Level 6 is the highest and most advanced level at Charlotte Aquatics. It is no small feat to graduate from this level. All of our students who do are super swimmers. This is just a partial list of what they can do:

  • 200 feet of front crawl with alternate rotary breathing
  • 200 feet of back crawl with an open turn and streamline
  • 150 feet of butterfly and breaststroke
  • Tread water for 5 minutes

These students have worked hard. Most have set the goal to pass this level and receive their trophy and gold patch! As you can see from these five young people, hard work and perseverance pays off!

Congratulations to all of our students who become Level 6 Champions! We are so proud of you and you should be too.

Adam B.

Aditi S.

Anvi A.

Anna P.

Jahzara B.

Stephanie S.


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27Feb 19

Hard Work and Perseverance Pay Off!! Congrats to our Level 6 Champions!

Shivam J.

My name is Shivam and I am 6 years old.  I am in the first grade. I have one big brother who also went to Charlotte Aquatics. My favorite things to do when I am not swimming are to play basketball and football, and to watch Power Rangers and play Legos.  I have been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since I was 18 months old!  I love to swim, in the pool or at the beach, and my favorite stroke is the breaststroke – because I am so fast at it!  My favorite part of Charlotte Aquatics is the teachers, especially Mr. Mike and Ms. Gigi – and the rope! The rope is so fun!  Mr. Mike also does the funniest tricks, like when he tells us we have to swim 3 lengths, but holds up 4 fingers.  I had a lot of fun at Charlotte Aquatics and I will miss everyone, but mostly Ms. Gigi and Mr. Mike.


Neelanjana G.

Neelanjana started her swimming lessons at Charlotte Aquatics 4 years ago. Although she had to take a break, she was always happy to come back and keep learning! She loved her teachers the most and always looked forward to her swimming classes where the water was always warm and learning was fun!!

Her favorite memories of Charlotte Aquatics are of all her coaches, especially Mike; who was always so patient in his instruction with the more difficult strokes. He also always did something fun at the end and during the class. Her favorite stroke is breast stroke even though it was the hardest to learn. Doing the “crazy jump” in Mike’s class is one of her fondest memories 


Dhiya S.

Nithilan V.

Claire R.

Hunsini S.

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17Feb 19

Starting 2019 off with Our Newest Level 6 Super Swimmers!

Avery J.

Avery is 7 years old and in second grade. When she is not swimming she likes to ride her bike, play games with her family, and play lacrosse, golf, and soccer. Avery’s best memory of swimming at Charlotte Aquatics is Pumpkin Week – “Swimming with the pumpkins was soooo hard, but fun!” She keeps all of her hard earned swim patches on a bulletin board in her room. Her favorite stroke is butterfly and breaststroke. When asked what she likes the most about Charlotte Aquatics she tell you the teachers – specially Miss Gigi!


Emily L.

Emily, is in second grade and she began to study swimming at Charlotte Aquatics last year in August. She enjoyed her class very much and can swim very well now.

Parent Note: I want to thank all her teachers and the staff, you gave her sweet and happy memories for her swimming class.


Tharun J.

Tharun is 8 years old and in 3rd grade. He started swimming in 2017. Over the course of the two years, Charlotte Aquatics has given Tharun perseverance, discipline, and motivation. Asides from swimming, Tharun enjoys playing with his LEGOs and playing sports with his friends. What he likes most about Charlotte Aquatics is that they reward him with a trophy after years of hard work and determination. His best swim memory has to be when he finished his first level. While he was only 6 years old at the time, he learned early on that hard work comes with a reward. This accomplishment only furthered his motivation and resulted in his completion of the Charlotte Aquatics Swim Program. In the end, swimming has changed Tharun’s life by adding new qualities to his character, giving him a round personality with amicable traits. In addition, he has learned a useful skill that will stay with him forever. Thank you Charlotte Aquatics!  

Aayushi P.

Logan W.

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21Jan 19

Happy MLK Day! Do Something Good for Others!

As an organization that truly believes in social action and social justice, we believe in the great words of Martin Luther King, Jr. “The time is always right to do what is right.” Now is the time to teach our children love, compassion, and respect for all human beings. Every day in small ways we can teach our children to be kind to others; by saying hello to a stranger, opening a door for someone, standing up against bullying, respecting differences. Remember, our children learn by example, be the model for your children that will improve our world!

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30Dec 18

Congratulations to the Final Level 6 Graduates of 2018!

Anya V.

Anya is 9 year old and is in 4th grade. She started at Charlotte Aquatics in September 2017. Swimming has given her lot of confidence, we are so proud of what she has accomplished. She will certainly miss all of the staff at Charlotte Aquatics, she can now swim like a fish! Thank you for all your support and guidance.






Lexton W.

Lexton is 6 years old and in kindergarten. He has been in swim lessons at Charlotte Aquatics since 6 months of age. He love swimming along with soccer and building legos. His favorite memories are swimming with his Grandma as an infant, riding in the boats, and the rope swing and slide. His Mom and Dad still remember him screaming through the first days of transitional tot as they hid behind the benches. How much he now loves swimming, especially the front crawl. He hopes to be on his first swim team this summer. He loves and says a big thank you to all his teachers at Charlotte Aquatics!




Everett G.

Hadley T.

Ishmeet S.

Luke S.

Susan D.

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12Dec 18

Congratulations to our Level 6 Graduates

Elsa M.

Elsa is 7 years old and in first grade. She hasbeen taking lessons at Charlotte Aquatics since mid 2017 and she has beenworking hard to complete level 6 and earn her trophy.  Swimming is one ofher favorite activities along with drawing, writing and doing math.  Shehas really enjoyed all the silly coaches she has gotten to learn from atCharlotte Aquatics, especially Mr. Mike.  Her favorite stroke is freestyle because she can go really fast!

Viswajith N.
Zara W.
Emilia C.
Ruthvik K.
Trey B.
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20Nov 18

We are Thankful for our Level 6 Champions!

Adwita N.

Adwita is 8 years old and is in the 3rd grade. Adwita started in Charlotte Aquatics at the age of 5. She spent most of her time with Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Deborah. Her favorite stroke is front crawl, which she seemed to excel early on. Her best memory of Charlotte Aquatics is when she had her birthday picture taken with a crown on her head. Swimming has given her a lot of confidence to stay afloat, keep her head above the water, and swim like a fish. Apart from swimming, Adwita loves to run, ride her bike, read books, learn music and play with friends. She is going to miss all the wonderful teachers. We are so proud of what she has accomplished. Thank you for all your support and guidance.


Devin P.

My name is Devin. I’m 12 years old and in the sixth grade. When I’m not swimming, I mostly do homework, but if I am not doing homework, I like to climb and hang on things like monkey bars. Also, I like to play basketball with my friends. My favorite swimming memory is when I was in level 3 and 5 because Ms. Liz and Ms. Deborah are very nice. I am happy because I am finally getting my level 6 trophy!! My favorite stroke is front crawl and breaststroke. Swimming has changed my life because now I could teach my little sister how to swim and now I can swim without drowning. What I like most about Charlotte Aquatics is that I get to go to the pool even though its almost winter and I enjoy the water a lot now!


Madison M.

Madison, who is nine years old and in fourth grade, began her journey with Charlotte Aquatics in February 2017.  She has always loved the water and wanted to learn to swim like a mermaid. Despite a broken arm and a few other injuries, she persevered and is now a skilled swimmer.  She will certainly miss all of the staff at Charlotte Aquatics but is very proud that she can now swim like a fish!



Aditi S.

Cooper B.

Bailey H.

Thomas T.

Charley B.

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19Nov 18

Congratulations Ozzi! What an amazing journey!


Hello! Eight year old Ozzi has been taking lessons at Charlotte Aquatics off and on since 2015. It took him 2 years (25 months) of classes to complete the program over an almost 4 year span. His journey started when he was 5yrs old, and he has always loved going to class. Even though he had to take a few breaks, he was always happy to go back and keep moving! He has had the pleasure of being taught by Jessica & Lauren, Katie & Chris, Mary, Gigi, Liz, Deborah, and Katie. And we have loved them all!

When lessons began, Ozzi preferred to keep his head above water. But after about 7 months, when were on a family vacation in FL, his uncles played ”chuck-a-kid” with him across our very lengthy hotel pool. From that point on, he was happy to be under water and there was no turning back =)

When Ozzi is not swimming, you can find him at GymFit sports in a NINJA class, or at soccer, basketball or tennis. He is also a 3rd year Bear level Cub Scout. Oz enjoys boating, online gaming, walking his dogs, Rudy & Bella, and spending lots of time with family & friends.

Oz said “my best swimming memory is when I met my two BFF’s at Isle of Palms Beach, SC. Us 3 boys boogie boarded like crazy in the ocean!” We have some really amazing videos and pictures from that Memorial Day 2017, and we sure were thanking Charlotte Aquatics for his abilities in those wild waves.

Ozzi keeps his swim patches on display in our living room, and he is working on designing a really cool memory box to hold them. We also have a frame with all of his level photographs – we love how Charlotte Aquatics provides those for us!

Oz says “my favorite stroke is all strokes – front crawl, back crawl, butterfly and breaststroke – I really just like them all!“ But that if it were up to him, he would just swim underwater all the time =)

He said swimming has changed his life in many ways. “It has made me more active, and makes me safe in the water. This is good because we live close to Lake Wylie and we are by it or in it very often.” It has also taught him how to be dedicated to a program, and to celebrate each time he learns a new skill or achieves a goal.

Ozzi said “what I like most about Charlotte Aquatics is that the teachers and staff are always so nice to me, the water is always warm, and my parents can watch me and be so close to the pool.”

“My favorite memories of Charlotte Aquatics are of all my coaches, who were always so nice to me, and they made me feel safe and comfortable. And that we always get to do something fun at the end, like slide down a slide, swing into the pool on a rope, dive, jump or cannonball in.”

  Parent Note: We are SO THRILLED that Ozzi got to experience the wonders of Charlotte Aquatics! The place is truly amazing. We are so impressed with all of the improvements over the past few years, wow. We love the work that is put in to all of the theme and holiday decorations, and how fun, related activities are included in lessons. And we love FISH TALES, your O-Fish-al Newsletter – so clever and so well done!

The staff and instructors are TOP-NOTCH, A+, 5-Star all the way! We want to send a special thanks to them all. They were so patient and encouraging to Oz, and they always made him feel special. Their commitment and motivation is truly outstanding – what blessings they are to SO MANY!

We are SO PROUD of our Ozzi and his success there! He often shows our family and his friends how he can swim so well, and he likes to show them all of the strokes he now knows. We love to take him boating and swimming in the lake and the ocean. It is just amazing to see how far he has come, and how much safer we feel. Oz definitely SWIMS like a FISH now, and we owe it all to Charlotte Aquatics =)



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