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30Dec 18

Congratulations to the Final Level 6 Graduates of 2018!

Anya V.

Anya is 9 year old and is in 4th grade. She started at Charlotte Aquatics in September 2017. Swimming has given her lot of confidence, we are so proud of what she has accomplished. She will certainly miss all of the staff at Charlotte Aquatics, she can now swim like a fish! Thank you for all your support and guidance.






Lexton W.

Lexton is 6 years old and in kindergarten. He has been in swim lessons at Charlotte Aquatics since 6 months of age. He love swimming along with soccer and building legos. His favorite memories are swimming with his Grandma as an infant, riding in the boats, and the rope swing and slide. His Mom and Dad still remember him screaming through the first days of transitional tot as they hid behind the benches. How much he now loves swimming, especially the front crawl. He hopes to be on his first swim team this summer. He loves and says a big thank you to all his teachers at Charlotte Aquatics!




Everett G.

Hadley T.

Ishmeet S.

Luke S.

Susan D.

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12Dec 18

Congratulations to our Level 6 Graduates

Elsa M.

Elsa is 7 years old and in first grade. She hasbeen taking lessons at Charlotte Aquatics since mid 2017 and she has beenworking hard to complete level 6 and earn her trophy.  Swimming is one ofher favorite activities along with drawing, writing and doing math.  Shehas really enjoyed all the silly coaches she has gotten to learn from atCharlotte Aquatics, especially Mr. Mike.  Her favorite stroke is freestyle because she can go really fast!

Viswajith N.
Zara W.
Emilia C.
Ruthvik K.
Trey B.
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20Nov 18

We are Thankful for our Level 6 Champions!

Adwita N.

Adwita is 8 years old and is in the 3rd grade. Adwita started in Charlotte Aquatics at the age of 5. She spent most of her time with Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Deborah. Her favorite stroke is front crawl, which she seemed to excel early on. Her best memory of Charlotte Aquatics is when she had her birthday picture taken with a crown on her head. Swimming has given her a lot of confidence to stay afloat, keep her head above the water, and swim like a fish. Apart from swimming, Adwita loves to run, ride her bike, read books, learn music and play with friends. She is going to miss all the wonderful teachers. We are so proud of what she has accomplished. Thank you for all your support and guidance.


Devin P.

My name is Devin. I’m 12 years old and in the sixth grade. When I’m not swimming, I mostly do homework, but if I am not doing homework, I like to climb and hang on things like monkey bars. Also, I like to play basketball with my friends. My favorite swimming memory is when I was in level 3 and 5 because Ms. Liz and Ms. Deborah are very nice. I am happy because I am finally getting my level 6 trophy!! My favorite stroke is front crawl and breaststroke. Swimming has changed my life because now I could teach my little sister how to swim and now I can swim without drowning. What I like most about Charlotte Aquatics is that I get to go to the pool even though its almost winter and I enjoy the water a lot now!


Madison M.

Madison, who is nine years old and in fourth grade, began her journey with Charlotte Aquatics in February 2017.  She has always loved the water and wanted to learn to swim like a mermaid. Despite a broken arm and a few other injuries, she persevered and is now a skilled swimmer.  She will certainly miss all of the staff at Charlotte Aquatics but is very proud that she can now swim like a fish!



Aditi S.

Cooper B.

Bailey H.

Thomas T.

Charley B.

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19Nov 18

Congratulations Ozzi! What an amazing journey!


Hello! Eight year old Ozzi has been taking lessons at Charlotte Aquatics off and on since 2015. It took him 2 years (25 months) of classes to complete the program over an almost 4 year span. His journey started when he was 5yrs old, and he has always loved going to class. Even though he had to take a few breaks, he was always happy to go back and keep moving! He has had the pleasure of being taught by Jessica & Lauren, Katie & Chris, Mary, Gigi, Liz, Deborah, and Katie. And we have loved them all!

When lessons began, Ozzi preferred to keep his head above water. But after about 7 months, when were on a family vacation in FL, his uncles played ”chuck-a-kid” with him across our very lengthy hotel pool. From that point on, he was happy to be under water and there was no turning back =)

When Ozzi is not swimming, you can find him at GymFit sports in a NINJA class, or at soccer, basketball or tennis. He is also a 3rd year Bear level Cub Scout. Oz enjoys boating, online gaming, walking his dogs, Rudy & Bella, and spending lots of time with family & friends.

Oz said “my best swimming memory is when I met my two BFF’s at Isle of Palms Beach, SC. Us 3 boys boogie boarded like crazy in the ocean!” We have some really amazing videos and pictures from that Memorial Day 2017, and we sure were thanking Charlotte Aquatics for his abilities in those wild waves.

Ozzi keeps his swim patches on display in our living room, and he is working on designing a really cool memory box to hold them. We also have a frame with all of his level photographs – we love how Charlotte Aquatics provides those for us!

Oz says “my favorite stroke is all strokes – front crawl, back crawl, butterfly and breaststroke – I really just like them all!“ But that if it were up to him, he would just swim underwater all the time =)

He said swimming has changed his life in many ways. “It has made me more active, and makes me safe in the water. This is good because we live close to Lake Wylie and we are by it or in it very often.” It has also taught him how to be dedicated to a program, and to celebrate each time he learns a new skill or achieves a goal.

Ozzi said “what I like most about Charlotte Aquatics is that the teachers and staff are always so nice to me, the water is always warm, and my parents can watch me and be so close to the pool.”

“My favorite memories of Charlotte Aquatics are of all my coaches, who were always so nice to me, and they made me feel safe and comfortable. And that we always get to do something fun at the end, like slide down a slide, swing into the pool on a rope, dive, jump or cannonball in.”

  Parent Note: We are SO THRILLED that Ozzi got to experience the wonders of Charlotte Aquatics! The place is truly amazing. We are so impressed with all of the improvements over the past few years, wow. We love the work that is put in to all of the theme and holiday decorations, and how fun, related activities are included in lessons. And we love FISH TALES, your O-Fish-al Newsletter – so clever and so well done!

The staff and instructors are TOP-NOTCH, A+, 5-Star all the way! We want to send a special thanks to them all. They were so patient and encouraging to Oz, and they always made him feel special. Their commitment and motivation is truly outstanding – what blessings they are to SO MANY!

We are SO PROUD of our Ozzi and his success there! He often shows our family and his friends how he can swim so well, and he likes to show them all of the strokes he now knows. We love to take him boating and swimming in the lake and the ocean. It is just amazing to see how far he has come, and how much safer we feel. Oz definitely SWIMS like a FISH now, and we owe it all to Charlotte Aquatics =)



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02Nov 18

Congratulations To Our Hard Working Level 6 Grads!

Anna Gray B.

Anna Gray is 6 years old and is a first grader. She began swimming at Charlotte Aquatics when she was 13 months old with her Mom and Dad. Since that day her love for the water and confidence has only grown. She is an avid and active member of the Carmel Country Club Dolphins swim team, participating in the 6 and under girls freestyle and relay. This past summer she was selected to the represent the Dolphins in the conference championship meet on the relay team. When she is not swimming, Anna Gray enjoys dance, golf, riding her bike, and art. Anna Gray loves her teachers at Charlotte Aquatics, especially Ms. Gigi and is thankful for the kindness and patience each has shown to her since she was an infant. Thank You!


Jack D.

Jack is 10 years old and has been swimming off and on at Charlotte Aquatics since he was an infant. He is super excited to pass Level 6 and get his trophy! Jack’s best memory at Charlotte Aquatics was passing Level 5. Prior to that, he had taken a very long break from swim lessons but came back and quickly caught back up! His favorite stroke is the front crawl and his favorite part of swim lessons is swinging off the rope. Jack is in 5th grade, and when not swimming, he enjoys playing video games, making videos for YouTube, and creating and coding games on the computer. Swimming has changed his life because he can now swim and play confidently in his grandparents’ lake. He doesn’t usually enjoy playing sports, but he says swimming is really fun!


Kaitlyn H.

Kaitlyn is 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. Kaitlyn started at Charlotte aquatics at 18 months in the Toddler 1 class with mom.  About halfway through she decided to take a break, but after nearly a year, she decided she wanted to earn the Level 6 trophy and came back to the program. Her favorite stroke is the backstroke, which she seemed to excel at early on. The rotary breathing in freestyle definitely took her some time to master, but now freestyle is her second favorite! She had a number of the swim teachers along the way and all were great!  A big thank you each and every one of them!

When not swimming, Kaitlyn likes to play soccer, go to the park, play card games, and play with her little brother. 
Mom and dad are so proud of her dedication and determination to working hard each week, completing the full program and earn her trophy! It sits proudly on her bookshelf 🙂


Tirth “Manas” M.

Tirth (aka Manas) is 6 ½ years old and a first grader. He began swimming at the age of 3. He spent most of his time with Ms. Deborah and Mr. Mike. Other than swimming, Manas enjoys playing soccer, running around and playing with friends. He still remembers his birthday celebration, floating in the water with pumpkins, and eating candies after the swimming class. He took time to learn back float and breast stroke, however, breast stroke is now his favorite stroke. Swimming helped him identify his weaknesses and find a solution to fix it. Now he is able to swim confidently and try different strokes, he is interested in further advance training. The boat ride in the Charlotte Aquatic’s swimming pool during Safety Week is his favorite memory.

Parent Note: We are very proud of Manas and his achievement. Thanks to Charlotte Aquatics. He gained lot of confidence and learned different strokes because of the guidance provided by his teacher.


Nia T.

My name is Nia. I am 8 years old and in 3rd grade. When I am not swimming, I love to play basketball, play with my friends, and read. I started at Charlotte Aquatics in level 2 and am so happy that I finally achieved my goal of earning my Level 6 trophy. My favorite memory is when I started swimming in 5 feet without any life Jacket. I was so proud of myself for doing that. I like Ms. Gigi and Mr. Mike a lot. Mr. Mike is so funny and I love to laugh at the tricks he plays with us! My favorite stroke is breaststroke.

What I most like about Charlotte Aquatics is that I get to go in the pool whatever the weather might be and enjoy the water. I have saved all my patches in a nicely decorated memory folder. Swimming has changed my life because now I enjoy the water a lot and I have no fear! I enjoy going with my family and friends to our community pool and to the beach for vacation. My favorite memory will be of getting my Level 6 trophy for which I have been waiting so long and have really worked hard to achieve. I am so excited to finally graduate and get the trophy!


Anvi S.




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24Oct 18

Congratulations to our Level 6 Champions!


Lily Clare

My name is Lily Clare. I just turned 11 years old and I’m a 5th grader. I learned how to swim at 6 years old but I never got to learn all the swimming strokes because I have a lot of after school activities that occupy my time. This year, I told my Mom and Dad that I want to be really good in swimming and learn all the strokes that my friends know. I’m so glad that I found a great school in Charlotte Aquatics! They made my long awaited dream of becoming a good and confident swimmer come true!

After school, I go to another school, Charlotte Ballet in Uptown. I study ballet three times a week and Jazz once a week. My Mom told me that swimming is the best sport for ballet dancers. Perfect! I’ve been a part of The Nutcracker held at Belk Theater as an Angel two years ago. This year I pleaded with my parents to not go overseas this Christmas…so I’m part of The Nutcracker again this time as a Mice and Chinese Tea. I’m also a part of a volleyball team at the YMCA. I like to practice my kick ball at home so I’ll be good during school recess. I play the piano and I also craft as a hobby.

My best swimming memory is getting invited to my friend’s pool party. There was a jacuzzi and the pool was great for jumping in. In the party, I felt really happy and confident when I swam, because I knew how to do all the strokes because of Charlotte Aquatics. Another favorite is when I was in Ms. Megan’s class and went underwater to get a five pound brick. It was fun! My Mom keeps all my patches and we’ll put them in an album. I can’t wait to decorate it because I love to craft. I will put it in my room together with my trophy.

My favorite stroke is freestyle/front crawl. I like it because I feel really comfortable with it and I’m the fastest at in all of my strokes. Swimming has changed my life because I got better at racing my friends when swimming and have so much more confidence and fun! It also helps turn my hair browner. J

I like Charlotte Aquatics because the teachers here are nice and helpful to the students but challenging at the same time so it’s a great balance!

PARENT NOTE: We can’t thank enough Charlotte Aquatics and the awesome teachers! I must admit I was apprehensive that Lily might feel out of place because she is older than the younger kids. But my fears were unfounded. Lily had a great time! She looks forward to her swimming class and never wants to miss any class! She missed only one class because she had ear infection and even then, she told me she could have done the class. Lily likes her teachers, Ms. Kaitlyn initially, then Ms. Megan M. and Mr. William. They are all very patient, kind and encouraging. Outstanding! I’m so proud of Lily! Her hard work paid off with the help of her teachers. Thank you again Charlotte Aquatics!



Rylee is 6 years old in the first grade. She began swimming at Charlotte Aquatics at 8 months old in the infant classes with her Mom and Dad. She has loved the water ever since she was an infant. Rylee has continued to work hard and perfect her strokes in each level while also gaining more love for the water. Her favorite strokes are butterfly and breaststroke. One of Rylee’s favorite memories at Charlotte Aquatics was safety week. She enjoyed learning how to be safe in the water and around her home. When Rylee is not in the pool, she loves dance and tumbling.  She cannot wait to display her swimming trophy right next to her dance ones! 

Parent Note: I would like to personally thank all the teachers at Charlotte Aquatics (which she has had many), who have helped Rylee gain independence and accomplish her strokes to be a better swimmer. She will truly miss them!  I cannot thank each of them enough for all their hard work and determination to help her finish all her levels here at Charlotte Aquatics! As her Mom, I am beyond proud of all she has accomplished so far in 6 short years.  I am thankful we stuck with an organization that wanted to see a child succeed, and was willingly to help them get there!  You have truly showed us so much kindness in this difficult year, and I am forever grateful. This graduation means a lot to both of us, but is a connection Rylee can have with her Dad. I know he is looking down from heaven and is so very proud of her!

Arjun R.

Ethan L.




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01Oct 18

Announcing the September 2018 Level 6 Champions!

Caroline B.

Caroline is 6 and ½ years old and is in first grade. She has been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since she was 3. She spent a lot of time with Ms. Shelley, Ms. Katie, but mostly with Ms. Gigi. When she is not swimming, she loves to read, do gymnastics and play with her siblings. Her favorite stroke is breaststroke. What she likes most about Charlotte Aquatics is that she gets to get in a pool once a week. Mom has saved all her patches in her baby book! She is so excited to finally graduate and get her trophy. She has worked very, very hard for this!

PARENT NOTE: We have been at Charlotte Aquatics for at least the last 8 years. Caroline is our 3rd child to be a level 6 graduate (we have one more to go!). Caroline screamed her head off (when she was 3) for at least the first 8-week session before she finally started to get the hang of it. We couldn’t be more proud. There was definitely a time in the past when we thought she’d never like the water. Now we can’t get her out of it! This is a big moment for her and we can’t thank the teachers she’s had over the years enough!


Derek C.

My name is Derek although Mr. Mike calls me Tarzan because of my long hair.  I am 7 years old and in 2nd grade.  When I am not swimming, I love to play soccer, play video games, build with Legos or read.  I started at Charlotte Aquatics in Level 1 and I am so excited that I have been able to achieve my goal of earning my Level 6 trophy!  Mr. Mike has been my instructor almost the entire time I have been swimming.  He is so funny!  My favorite thing to do at Charlotte Aquatics is swing into the pool from the rope.  I have figured out over the years how to swing out really far and let go at the highest point so I get the craziest jump.  I also like when Mr. Mike has us do silly jumps in from the side of the pool.  I do my best to splash him.  Swimming has changed my life because now when we go to the pool or on vacation, it’s more fun.  I discovered that I love to snorkel.  My mom has saved all my patches and I can’t wait to display my trophy in my room where I can see it every day and remember how hard I worked to earn it.


Isabella S.

Isabella, 9 years old, is active in Ninja, rollerblading, riding her bike, and likes reading Harry Potter. Isabella’s favorite stroke is butterfly and breaststroke, but she loves swinging from the rope the most! Swimming at Charlotte Aquatics has given her confidence and a goal to work towards. 

PARENT NOTE: I am proud of Isabella achieving her goal and thank Charlotte Aquatics for pushing her to do so. 





Joanna R.

My name is Joanna I am six years old, and a rising first grader.  I started swimming at Charlotte Aquatics when I was one year old with Ms. Gigi.  When I am not swimming I like to dance, play with my little sister, cousins and friends. My favorite stroke is butterfly. What l Iike most about Charlotte Aquatics is the staff.  Every one of them like to swim and love to teach.  I was taught by so many great teachers, and to name a few Ms. Gigi, Mr. Mike and Ms. Liz.  Ms. Liz is my last teacher who taught me butterfly and breaststroke. Swimming has changed my life by making me confident and giving me a lifelong lesson.  Now I can swim for the rest of my life.  I am happy that I am graduating and getting the trophy I have been wanting to get it for a while.  Even though I am graduating from Charlotte Aquatics, I will still see the staff every Wednesday since my little sister is taking a class here.

PARENT NOTE:  We are so proud to see Joanna pass level 6.  It has been an amazing to watch Joanna grow in the water with confidence, love of water, and  lifelong swimming lessons. We are so grateful to all the staff at Charlotte Aquatics. Everyone of you are great with a love of swimming and love of teaching. We also appreciate and admire Charlotte Aquatics for giving back to the community and even beyond by helping kids in Africa. A Big Thank You to all the amazing staff!!! 

Joshua C.

My name is Joshua. I’m six years old and a first grader. I love to swim at Charlotte Aquatics. I have one younger brother Samuel and he also goes to Charlotte Aquatics. I also have a pet dog named Jasmine. I love to ring the door bell and make her bark. My favorite color is orange. I love to play baseball with my friends. We play for the Waxhaw Cardinals. We have a big pool in our community with a big water slide. My favorite stroke is free style because it makes me swim faster and beat my dad when we race at the pool. When I joined Charlotte Aquatics I was afraid to go to the water slide as I couldn’t swim. Ms. Deborah and Ms. Katie taught me how to swim which helped me pass the test at the community pool and get a special swim band which allows me to use the water slide alone. This summer I went on a boat trip with my family to Lake Norman and I swam in the lake by myself. I’m not afraid any more. I have saved all my swim patches and placed them with my baseball trophies in my room. My favorite memory at Charlotte Aquatics is when we did our first safety drill and used the canoe at the pool. That was so much fun.


Thomas S.

When not swimming Thomas can be found playing soccer, jumping on his trampoline, playing outside with friends and neighbors or riding bikes and scooters!  His best swimming memory is mastering his breaststroke technique!  He has treasured all of his patches in a memory keepsakes box. His favorite stroke is breaststroke. Swimming has allowed him to go into pools at resorts without his parents having to be with him. At the same time it has allowed his parents to feel more secure when swimming in the ocean. When asked what his favorite memory of Charlotte Aquatics was, he HANDS DOWN, said, THE ROPE!  

PARENT NOTE: The personnel at Charlotte Aquatics have been phenomenal since day one!  Everyone has cheered Thomas on and has taught him using a variety of methods, which was always fun to do!



Laura G.

Mason S.

Serena C.

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31Aug 18

New Level 6 Graduates!

Maxton N.

My name is Maxton. I am 6 years old and a first grader.  I started swimming at Charlotte Aquatics when I was three years old.  I spent my first level with Mr. Grant but after that it was all with Mrs. Gigi.  When I am not swimming, I like to play baseball, build Legos, and shoot my Nerf guns.  My favorite stroke is the breaststroke because I worked so hard on it.  What I liked most about Charlotte Aquatics was Mrs. Gigi because she was the nicest teacher ever.  Learning to swim has changed my life because now my parents will let me play in the deep end of the pool.  I am so excited that I am graduating but will miss seeing Mrs. Gigi.  Thank you Charlotte Aquatics for teaching me how to swim.  

Parent Note:  The Norris family has been a part of the Charlotte Aquatics family for the past 6 years.  We started this journey with our daughter and now are finishing it with our son.  Both of our children are level six graduates and we couldn’t be more proud. Maxton has worked so hard to earn his trophy.  He started out as a nervous child in the water but now is a very confident swimmer. A very special thank you goes out to Mrs. Gigi.  We can’t thank Mrs. Gigi enough for helping Maxton gain his confidence in the water and teaching him how to swim.  Maxton thinks the world of Mrs. Gigi and so does the rest of the Norris family. Thank you Charlotte Aquatics!!

Laia G.

Chloe M.

David S.

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17Aug 18


Annabella R.

Annabella (Bella) has been at Charlotte Aquatics since she was 18 months old in Toddler 2!  She started with Ms. Gigi and will be ending with her as well.  She is going to miss her and all the teachers she has had along the way so much!  Swimming has made her confident and strong, and she has always been so comfortable in the water.  Her favorite time at Charlotte Aquatics is always Safety Week and jumping in the pool with her clothes on.  By far, her favorite stroke is backstroke with breast stroke being a close second.  She is going into first grade.  Besides swimming, Bella loves to dance, do gymnastics, play soccer and create crafts.  A big thanks to Charlotte Aquatics for the last 6 years!


Nicholas D.

Nicholas is a very active 8 year old. He started out as a very shy boy but has outshined himself by requesting to be involved in different activities. He has been taking swimming lessons year round since March 2015. He has also completed all his Scout requirements for the past 2 years. He joined a Brazilian jujitsu academy this past year and has been part of the chess club at his elementary school for 2 years, winning first place in two tournaments.

When Nicholas is not taking part in any of his fun activities, he loves to be camping, swimming in the lakes, fishing, and exploring nature. He also loves to play Mind Craft on his tablet. One of his most proud swimming memories happened this summer, when he passed a very hard to pass swimming test (first try) at Scout camp. Nicholas is fearless when it comes to water; he is able to swim in very deep water with confidence and without any problem or fear.

Parent Note: We thank Charlotte Aquatics for the confidence and swimming skills that they have taught Nicholas.

Thomas R.

Thomas loves legos, sports, outdoors, movies, the beach, and being with his big brother, best friend, and Charlotte Aquatics graduate Carl. His best swimming memory was when he realized he did not have to wear his ‘water wings’ and swim with the big boys in our neighborhood pool. He has proudly displayed all his patches and certificates on a wall by his bed, and is eager to point them out to visitors. His favorite swim stroke is the breast stroke. Through his swimming achievements he has become much more confident in himself and more independent.

Parent Note: We love Charlotte Aquatics because swimming is their entire focus, not just another service they provide; they have AMAZING instructors and staff; and they really individually focus on the improvement of each child. Our favorite memories of Charlotte Aquatics will be how our children grew in many ways and the instructors who guided them. Our entire family will for sure miss them all. 

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07Aug 18

Read about our AWESOME level 6 graduates!

Kush G.

I am Kush, a 9-year-old rising 3rd grader.  I started my water journey one year ago with Mr. Edgar at Charlotte Aquatics. I was taught by many instructors – to name a few – Ms. Liz, Ms. Gigi, Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Megan.  When I am not at Charlotte Aquatics, I like to play with my friends and swim at the neighborhood pool. My favorite stroke in Butterfly. Charlotte Aquatics has taught me how to be safe in water and how to save myself. I can now try and make my own strokes. 🙂   All my patches are showcased in my bedroom pinned on a board. I love coming to CA each week without fail, love you all so much.

Parent Note: We are so proud to see Kush improve so much in a year and ready for next challenges. We are so appreciative to all Charlotte Aquatics staff. You all make a great team and give a safe environment to our kids. Hats off!


Lavanthi N.

My name is Lavanthi. I am 10 years old and a rising 5th grader. I started learning swimming when I was 5 years old. After a break I started swimming at Charlotte Aquatics, in June 2017.

When I am not swimming I like to dance and draw. I am learning classical Dance and got awards for my performance. My best swimming memory is whenever I pass on to the next level and get my certificate and badge. I stick all my patches on the wall and whenever I look at them, I feel of proud of myself! I have a trophy shelf in my room I am waiting to keep my swimming trophy there.

I like all the strokes. My favorite stroke is breast stroke and back stroke. I found Butterfly was a little difficult but with the help of Mr. Mike (he is very kind and funny) and by practicing – I got it! I like to do underwater swimming which is very challenging and interesting. Learning swimming helped me a lot. At first I was so scared to swim but now I love to swim in the pool. This summer vacation we went to a water park and beach. I was not scared! I really enjoy playing in water with my friends.

The best part in Charlotte Aquatics is its very good place to learn swimming the pool is very big. I like all my instructors they are very kind and helped me lot to learn all my strokes. I always like to take pictures in the photo booth. Thanks for teaching me stroke techniques and how to swim. I am very excited to get the trophy.


Lia L.

Lia is 6 years old and has been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since she was 2.5! She is a rising first grader and is so excited to be graduating from the Charlotte Aquatics program.  Lia’s favorite thing about swimming has been her teachers, especially Miss Deborah and Miss Katie, and her favorite stroke has always been back crawl.  

Parent Note: Lia has loved her lessons and has grown so much, we are grateful for Charlotte Aquatics for everything they’ve taught her! 



Dee Dee F.

Sebastian B.

Christopher-Ryan “Monster”

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