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Announcing the September 2018 Level 6 Champions!

Caroline B.

Caroline is 6 and ½ years old and is in first grade. She has been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since she was 3. She spent a lot of time with Ms. Shelley, Ms. Katie, but mostly with Ms. Gigi. When she is not swimming, she loves to read, do gymnastics and play with her siblings. Her favorite stroke is breaststroke. What she likes most about Charlotte Aquatics is that she gets to get in a pool once a week. Mom has saved all her patches in her baby book! She is so excited to finally graduate and get her trophy. She has worked very, very hard for this!

PARENT NOTE: We have been at Charlotte Aquatics for at least the last 8 years. Caroline is our 3rd child to be a level 6 graduate (we have one more to go!). Caroline screamed her head off (when she was 3) for at least the first 8-week session before she finally started to get the hang of it. We couldn’t be more proud. There was definitely a time in the past when we thought she’d never like the water. Now we can’t get her out of it! This is a big moment for her and we can’t thank the teachers she’s had over the years enough!


Derek C.

My name is Derek although Mr. Mike calls me Tarzan because of my long hair.  I am 7 years old and in 2nd grade.  When I am not swimming, I love to play soccer, play video games, build with Legos or read.  I started at Charlotte Aquatics in Level 1 and I am so excited that I have been able to achieve my goal of earning my Level 6 trophy!  Mr. Mike has been my instructor almost the entire time I have been swimming.  He is so funny!  My favorite thing to do at Charlotte Aquatics is swing into the pool from the rope.  I have figured out over the years how to swing out really far and let go at the highest point so I get the craziest jump.  I also like when Mr. Mike has us do silly jumps in from the side of the pool.  I do my best to splash him.  Swimming has changed my life because now when we go to the pool or on vacation, it’s more fun.  I discovered that I love to snorkel.  My mom has saved all my patches and I can’t wait to display my trophy in my room where I can see it every day and remember how hard I worked to earn it.


Isabella S.

Isabella, 9 years old, is active in Ninja, rollerblading, riding her bike, and likes reading Harry Potter. Isabella’s favorite stroke is butterfly and breaststroke, but she loves swinging from the rope the most! Swimming at Charlotte Aquatics has given her confidence and a goal to work towards. 

PARENT NOTE: I am proud of Isabella achieving her goal and thank Charlotte Aquatics for pushing her to do so. 





Joanna R.

My name is Joanna I am six years old, and a rising first grader.  I started swimming at Charlotte Aquatics when I was one year old with Ms. Gigi.  When I am not swimming I like to dance, play with my little sister, cousins and friends. My favorite stroke is butterfly. What l Iike most about Charlotte Aquatics is the staff.  Every one of them like to swim and love to teach.  I was taught by so many great teachers, and to name a few Ms. Gigi, Mr. Mike and Ms. Liz.  Ms. Liz is my last teacher who taught me butterfly and breaststroke. Swimming has changed my life by making me confident and giving me a lifelong lesson.  Now I can swim for the rest of my life.  I am happy that I am graduating and getting the trophy I have been wanting to get it for a while.  Even though I am graduating from Charlotte Aquatics, I will still see the staff every Wednesday since my little sister is taking a class here.

PARENT NOTE:  We are so proud to see Joanna pass level 6.  It has been an amazing to watch Joanna grow in the water with confidence, love of water, and  lifelong swimming lessons. We are so grateful to all the staff at Charlotte Aquatics. Everyone of you are great with a love of swimming and love of teaching. We also appreciate and admire Charlotte Aquatics for giving back to the community and even beyond by helping kids in Africa. A Big Thank You to all the amazing staff!!! 

Joshua C.

My name is Joshua. I’m six years old and a first grader. I love to swim at Charlotte Aquatics. I have one younger brother Samuel and he also goes to Charlotte Aquatics. I also have a pet dog named Jasmine. I love to ring the door bell and make her bark. My favorite color is orange. I love to play baseball with my friends. We play for the Waxhaw Cardinals. We have a big pool in our community with a big water slide. My favorite stroke is free style because it makes me swim faster and beat my dad when we race at the pool. When I joined Charlotte Aquatics I was afraid to go to the water slide as I couldn’t swim. Ms. Deborah and Ms. Katie taught me how to swim which helped me pass the test at the community pool and get a special swim band which allows me to use the water slide alone. This summer I went on a boat trip with my family to Lake Norman and I swam in the lake by myself. I’m not afraid any more. I have saved all my swim patches and placed them with my baseball trophies in my room. My favorite memory at Charlotte Aquatics is when we did our first safety drill and used the canoe at the pool. That was so much fun.


Thomas S.

When not swimming Thomas can be found playing soccer, jumping on his trampoline, playing outside with friends and neighbors or riding bikes and scooters!  His best swimming memory is mastering his breaststroke technique!  He has treasured all of his patches in a memory keepsakes box. His favorite stroke is breaststroke. Swimming has allowed him to go into pools at resorts without his parents having to be with him. At the same time it has allowed his parents to feel more secure when swimming in the ocean. When asked what his favorite memory of Charlotte Aquatics was, he HANDS DOWN, said, THE ROPE!  

PARENT NOTE: The personnel at Charlotte Aquatics have been phenomenal since day one!  Everyone has cheered Thomas on and has taught him using a variety of methods, which was always fun to do!



Laura G.

Mason S.

Serena C.

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