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Our goal is to provide life skills that keep our students healthy, safe, and smart all while enjoying the indispensable skill of swimming. Let us teach you how to ‘Swim Like A Fish’.


Our monthly tuition is based on how many lessons are in that particular month. This means that some months may reflect four lessons and some may reflect five lessons. You will be charged on a monthly basis for the amount of lessons in that month. Your credit card will be charged on or about the 26th of every month.

For Example, if your swimmer is in a group lesson on Tuesday and there are four Tuesdays in that month – you will be charged $88. If there are five Tuesdays in that particular month, you will be charged $110.

Group Lesson
$22 / lesson
$49 / lesson
$25 / lesson

We do have an annual registration fee of $35 per family. This fee will be charged along with your first month’s tuition and then annually with your January tuition.