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Annabella R.

Annabella (Bella) has been at Charlotte Aquatics since she was 18 months old in Toddler 2!  She started with Ms. Gigi and will be ending with her as well.  She is going to miss her and all the teachers she has had along the way so much!  Swimming has made her confident and strong, and she has always been so comfortable in the water.  Her favorite time at Charlotte Aquatics is always Safety Week and jumping in the pool with her clothes on.  By far, her favorite stroke is backstroke with breast stroke being a close second.  She is going into first grade.  Besides swimming, Bella loves to dance, do gymnastics, play soccer and create crafts.  A big thanks to Charlotte Aquatics for the last 6 years!


Nicholas D.

Nicholas is a very active 8 year old. He started out as a very shy boy but has outshined himself by requesting to be involved in different activities. He has been taking swimming lessons year round since March 2015. He has also completed all his Scout requirements for the past 2 years. He joined a Brazilian jujitsu academy this past year and has been part of the chess club at his elementary school for 2 years, winning first place in two tournaments.

When Nicholas is not taking part in any of his fun activities, he loves to be camping, swimming in the lakes, fishing, and exploring nature. He also loves to play Mind Craft on his tablet. One of his most proud swimming memories happened this summer, when he passed a very hard to pass swimming test (first try) at Scout camp. Nicholas is fearless when it comes to water; he is able to swim in very deep water with confidence and without any problem or fear.

Parent Note: We thank Charlotte Aquatics for the confidence and swimming skills that they have taught Nicholas.

Thomas R.

Thomas loves legos, sports, outdoors, movies, the beach, and being with his big brother, best friend, and Charlotte Aquatics graduate Carl. His best swimming memory was when he realized he did not have to wear his ‘water wings’ and swim with the big boys in our neighborhood pool. He has proudly displayed all his patches and certificates on a wall by his bed, and is eager to point them out to visitors. His favorite swim stroke is the breast stroke. Through his swimming achievements he has become much more confident in himself and more independent.

Parent Note: We love Charlotte Aquatics because swimming is their entire focus, not just another service they provide; they have AMAZING instructors and staff; and they really individually focus on the improvement of each child. Our favorite memories of Charlotte Aquatics will be how our children grew in many ways and the instructors who guided them. Our entire family will for sure miss them all. 

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