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Congratulations Level 6 Champs!

We are so proud of our students who set a goal, work hard, and don’t quit until they achieve it! 

Avery F.

Avery is a 9-year-old 4th grader.  She has loved going to Charlotte Aquatics over the past several years.  All of her instructors have been amazing, and she especially thrived under Gigi in levels 5 and 6.  Avery is looking forward to another year of our neighborhood swim team this summer.  She loves to swim breast stroke and can’t wait to race in the swim meets.  When Avery is not swimming, she enjoys art, playing with her dog, and camping with her family.  

Parent Note: Thank you for the wonderful experiences we have had and will continue to have at Charlotte Aquatics.  It is very rewarding to be part of the Charlotte Aquatics family, knowing the instructors are invested in your child’s learning and watching them thrive and progress and learn to swim under their care.


Brady H.

Brady is 9 years old and he is in 3rd grade. Brady has always loved the water. His first experience at Charlotte Aquatics was with Ms. Deborah in the infant class. He has had numerous swim instructors at Charlotte Aquatics and they have all been fantastic. One instructor that he is especially fond of, is Mr. Mike. His humor and the ability to make lessons fun is incredible and Brady always looks forward to class. He has been working hard to finally get that trophy!! Brady gathers all that he has learned and applies it to swim team every year. It is a great peace of mind knowing that he is properly trained for these events.

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