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Congratulations Ozzi! What an amazing journey!


Hello! Eight year old Ozzi has been taking lessons at Charlotte Aquatics off and on since 2015. It took him 2 years (25 months) of classes to complete the program over an almost 4 year span. His journey started when he was 5yrs old, and he has always loved going to class. Even though he had to take a few breaks, he was always happy to go back and keep moving! He has had the pleasure of being taught by Jessica & Lauren, Katie & Chris, Mary, Gigi, Liz, Deborah, and Katie. And we have loved them all!

When lessons began, Ozzi preferred to keep his head above water. But after about 7 months, when were on a family vacation in FL, his uncles played ”chuck-a-kid” with him across our very lengthy hotel pool. From that point on, he was happy to be under water and there was no turning back =)

When Ozzi is not swimming, you can find him at GymFit sports in a NINJA class, or at soccer, basketball or tennis. He is also a 3rd year Bear level Cub Scout. Oz enjoys boating, online gaming, walking his dogs, Rudy & Bella, and spending lots of time with family & friends.

Oz said “my best swimming memory is when I met my two BFF’s at Isle of Palms Beach, SC. Us 3 boys boogie boarded like crazy in the ocean!” We have some really amazing videos and pictures from that Memorial Day 2017, and we sure were thanking Charlotte Aquatics for his abilities in those wild waves.

Ozzi keeps his swim patches on display in our living room, and he is working on designing a really cool memory box to hold them. We also have a frame with all of his level photographs – we love how Charlotte Aquatics provides those for us!

Oz says “my favorite stroke is all strokes – front crawl, back crawl, butterfly and breaststroke – I really just like them all!“ But that if it were up to him, he would just swim underwater all the time =)

He said swimming has changed his life in many ways. “It has made me more active, and makes me safe in the water. This is good because we live close to Lake Wylie and we are by it or in it very often.” It has also taught him how to be dedicated to a program, and to celebrate each time he learns a new skill or achieves a goal.

Ozzi said “what I like most about Charlotte Aquatics is that the teachers and staff are always so nice to me, the water is always warm, and my parents can watch me and be so close to the pool.”

“My favorite memories of Charlotte Aquatics are of all my coaches, who were always so nice to me, and they made me feel safe and comfortable. And that we always get to do something fun at the end, like slide down a slide, swing into the pool on a rope, dive, jump or cannonball in.”

  Parent Note: We are SO THRILLED that Ozzi got to experience the wonders of Charlotte Aquatics! The place is truly amazing. We are so impressed with all of the improvements over the past few years, wow. We love the work that is put in to all of the theme and holiday decorations, and how fun, related activities are included in lessons. And we love FISH TALES, your O-Fish-al Newsletter – so clever and so well done!

The staff and instructors are TOP-NOTCH, A+, 5-Star all the way! We want to send a special thanks to them all. They were so patient and encouraging to Oz, and they always made him feel special. Their commitment and motivation is truly outstanding – what blessings they are to SO MANY!

We are SO PROUD of our Ozzi and his success there! He often shows our family and his friends how he can swim so well, and he likes to show them all of the strokes he now knows. We love to take him boating and swimming in the lake and the ocean. It is just amazing to see how far he has come, and how much safer we feel. Oz definitely SWIMS like a FISH now, and we owe it all to Charlotte Aquatics =)



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