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Congratulations to our Awesome Level 6 Graduates!

Aarav N.

My name is Aarav, I am 8 years old. I am a rising 3rd Grader. On 7/11/2018, I graduated Level 6 out of Charlotte Aquatics. When I am not swimming, I am either riding my hoverboard or sometimes playing at the park or playing with my younger brother. I have kept the Patches safe and I am planning to put them on a shelf along with my other trophies, at our new home. My favorite stroke used to be back crawl, and I didn’t like front crawl initially. But later as I kept practicing front crawl more and more, I started liking it now. I loved taking the swim lessons from Ms Deborah and Mr Mike. At first, I was scared of swimming in deep water, but now I can even swim in 12 ft or more!! My favorite memory at Charlotte Aquatics is when I passed each level.

Parents Note: Aarav has been with Charlotte Aquatics since March 2016. Thanks to Charlotte Aquatics, Aarav had fun as he graduated each level at Charlotte Aquatics. And that gave him more self confidence as he got better and better with each passing level. As parents, it was fun for us to watch Aarav learn all the swim techniques.


Jackson M.

My name is Jackson and I recently turned 5 years old.  I have been attending Charlotte Aquatics since I was 2 and have had an amazing experience with all wonderful instructors.  It has taught me a love for swimming, opened new opportunities for me to have fun (including water slides!), given me confidence by achieving my goals and has ensured that I will always be safe and comfortable around open water.

I love to swim underwater to see how far I can make it while holding my breath, and my favorite stroke is the back stroke.  My favorite memory at Charlotte Aquatics is having fun and joking with my instructors who always keep things fun.  My favorite swimming memory is passing the ‘deep end’ swim test at a community pool, much to the shock of the lifeguard.

When I’m not swimming I love to travel (including checking out hotel swimming pools!), play piano, build legos, play soccer and have fun with my neighbors and my baby brother.  I would like to some day join a swim team and continue my swimming in a competitive environment. Thank you to everyone at Charlotte Aquatics for such a wonderful experience!”

Katarina K.

Hi. I am Katarina. I am 7 years old and am a rising 2nd grader. My favorite stroke is breaststroke. I like it because you don’t use a lot of energy. I like to hang out with my family and watch my Ipad when I’m not swimming. My favorite swimming memory is when I went to the beach with my grandma and my dad showed me how to swim without goggles. Swimming has changed my life because it helped me to practice and practice makes perfect; I hope swimming has encouraged you to do the same. My favorite memory of Charlotte Aquatics is when I got to level 6. I like Charlotte Aquatics because they have awesome teachers!




Law Z.

Law, age 6 and a rising 1st grader, has been a part of the Charlotte Aquatics community since he was 9 months old.  He has always loved the water so finding swim instruction that was both high quality and developmentally appropriate was a must for our family.  Law has since developed a true love for swimming and has experienced much personal success on our neighborhood swim team.  His favorite part of Charlotte Aquatics, other than the teachers, is “when we get to do freestyle in the whole pool”.  






Layla has been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since she was a year old.  Since then, she’s been in love with swimming and could only spend more time in the water if she were an actual fish. When Layla isn’t swimming she enjoys dancing, reading, golf, piano, going to the park and playing at home with her toys.  Her favorite memory of swimming is very recent and she describes it as the day she did “the perfect dive” and mastered her level 6 skills. She keeps all her patches in her bedroom on her dresser in sequence.  She says her favorite stroke is the back stroke. “Swimming changed my life because it taught me how to swim and has helped me improve in every level. Things I love most about Charlotte Aquatics are, I love my teacher Ms. Gigi, my friends and I love to swim. My favorite memory of Charlotte Aquatics is getting lollipops! 


Zoe A.

Zoë Askew is 7 ½ years old and is a rising 2nd grader.  She began swimming at Charlotte Aquatics in Ms. Gigi’s infant class and has always loved the water.  When she is not swimming, she is drawing amazing pictures of mermaids, playing with friends and learning to ride horses.  Zoë’s best swimming memory is this past winter when she won her backstroke heat in a swim meet for YWCA’s Orange Crush Swim Team.  Her favorite stroke is butterfly which came very easy for her to learn.  Swimming has changed Zoë’s life because she is now more wet! 

Parent Note: The Askew family has been part of the Charlotte Aquatics family for 10 years.  Achieving the Level 6 trophy was the first long term goal that both Zoë and her sister set for themselves.  As a parent it is wonderful to see the hard work and determination resulting in both Zoë and her sister reaching their goals.


Madison M.

Josiah C.

Dax W.





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