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Congratulations To Our Hard Working Level 6 Grads!

Anna Gray B.

Anna Gray is 6 years old and is a first grader. She began swimming at Charlotte Aquatics when she was 13 months old with her Mom and Dad. Since that day her love for the water and confidence has only grown. She is an avid and active member of the Carmel Country Club Dolphins swim team, participating in the 6 and under girls freestyle and relay. This past summer she was selected to the represent the Dolphins in the conference championship meet on the relay team. When she is not swimming, Anna Gray enjoys dance, golf, riding her bike, and art. Anna Gray loves her teachers at Charlotte Aquatics, especially Ms. Gigi and is thankful for the kindness and patience each has shown to her since she was an infant. Thank You!


Jack D.

Jack is 10 years old and has been swimming off and on at Charlotte Aquatics since he was an infant. He is super excited to pass Level 6 and get his trophy! Jack’s best memory at Charlotte Aquatics was passing Level 5. Prior to that, he had taken a very long break from swim lessons but came back and quickly caught back up! His favorite stroke is the front crawl and his favorite part of swim lessons is swinging off the rope. Jack is in 5th grade, and when not swimming, he enjoys playing video games, making videos for YouTube, and creating and coding games on the computer. Swimming has changed his life because he can now swim and play confidently in his grandparents’ lake. He doesn’t usually enjoy playing sports, but he says swimming is really fun!


Kaitlyn H.

Kaitlyn is 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. Kaitlyn started at Charlotte aquatics at 18 months in the Toddler 1 class with mom.  About halfway through she decided to take a break, but after nearly a year, she decided she wanted to earn the Level 6 trophy and came back to the program. Her favorite stroke is the backstroke, which she seemed to excel at early on. The rotary breathing in freestyle definitely took her some time to master, but now freestyle is her second favorite! She had a number of the swim teachers along the way and all were great!  A big thank you each and every one of them!

When not swimming, Kaitlyn likes to play soccer, go to the park, play card games, and play with her little brother. 
Mom and dad are so proud of her dedication and determination to working hard each week, completing the full program and earn her trophy! It sits proudly on her bookshelf 🙂


Tirth “Manas” M.

Tirth (aka Manas) is 6 ½ years old and a first grader. He began swimming at the age of 3. He spent most of his time with Ms. Deborah and Mr. Mike. Other than swimming, Manas enjoys playing soccer, running around and playing with friends. He still remembers his birthday celebration, floating in the water with pumpkins, and eating candies after the swimming class. He took time to learn back float and breast stroke, however, breast stroke is now his favorite stroke. Swimming helped him identify his weaknesses and find a solution to fix it. Now he is able to swim confidently and try different strokes, he is interested in further advance training. The boat ride in the Charlotte Aquatic’s swimming pool during Safety Week is his favorite memory.

Parent Note: We are very proud of Manas and his achievement. Thanks to Charlotte Aquatics. He gained lot of confidence and learned different strokes because of the guidance provided by his teacher.


Nia T.

My name is Nia. I am 8 years old and in 3rd grade. When I am not swimming, I love to play basketball, play with my friends, and read. I started at Charlotte Aquatics in level 2 and am so happy that I finally achieved my goal of earning my Level 6 trophy. My favorite memory is when I started swimming in 5 feet without any life Jacket. I was so proud of myself for doing that. I like Ms. Gigi and Mr. Mike a lot. Mr. Mike is so funny and I love to laugh at the tricks he plays with us! My favorite stroke is breaststroke.

What I most like about Charlotte Aquatics is that I get to go in the pool whatever the weather might be and enjoy the water. I have saved all my patches in a nicely decorated memory folder. Swimming has changed my life because now I enjoy the water a lot and I have no fear! I enjoy going with my family and friends to our community pool and to the beach for vacation. My favorite memory will be of getting my Level 6 trophy for which I have been waiting so long and have really worked hard to achieve. I am so excited to finally graduate and get the trophy!


Anvi S.




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