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Congratulations To Our Hard Working Level 6 Grads!

Congratulations to our hard working Level 6 Grads!

Nehemiah P.

Nehemiah, who is 7 years old, started swimming at Charlotte Aquatics when he was two. At first he was terrified of the water but his favorite memory is having Ms. Gigi as his teacher during the first 2 years. When he was 4yrs old he watched one of the level 6 graduates receive a trophy and he said “Mommy I am going to get a trophy one day too for swimming!” Since then Nehemiah has been very dedicated to swim. His favorite day of the week is Thursdays because he knows he gets to come to Charlotte Aquatics. He says that swimming has made him smarter and wants to keep swimming after he finishes level 6 and get even better at the backstroke. When he is not swimming he enjoys playing basketball, riding his bike or scooter, playing with his friends, and he has a new puppy that keeps him very busy. His favorite swimming memory is playing marco polo with some neighborhood friends, mommy, and Kenny last summer. Nehemiah says that he loves Charlotte Aquatics and the one thing he loves most is having Ms. Deborah as his teacher.



Shlok M.

Shlok 7 year old enthusiastic boy who enjoys water like a fish. He loves swimming, taekwondo as much as he loves Mathematics. He wants to grow up and become a president and also dreams to move to California with his little sister who he loves very much!


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