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Congratulations to our Level 6 Champions!


Lily Clare

My name is Lily Clare. I just turned 11 years old and I’m a 5th grader. I learned how to swim at 6 years old but I never got to learn all the swimming strokes because I have a lot of after school activities that occupy my time. This year, I told my Mom and Dad that I want to be really good in swimming and learn all the strokes that my friends know. I’m so glad that I found a great school in Charlotte Aquatics! They made my long awaited dream of becoming a good and confident swimmer come true!

After school, I go to another school, Charlotte Ballet in Uptown. I study ballet three times a week and Jazz once a week. My Mom told me that swimming is the best sport for ballet dancers. Perfect! I’ve been a part of The Nutcracker held at Belk Theater as an Angel two years ago. This year I pleaded with my parents to not go overseas this Christmas…so I’m part of The Nutcracker again this time as a Mice and Chinese Tea. I’m also a part of a volleyball team at the YMCA. I like to practice my kick ball at home so I’ll be good during school recess. I play the piano and I also craft as a hobby.

My best swimming memory is getting invited to my friend’s pool party. There was a jacuzzi and the pool was great for jumping in. In the party, I felt really happy and confident when I swam, because I knew how to do all the strokes because of Charlotte Aquatics. Another favorite is when I was in Ms. Megan’s class and went underwater to get a five pound brick. It was fun! My Mom keeps all my patches and we’ll put them in an album. I can’t wait to decorate it because I love to craft. I will put it in my room together with my trophy.

My favorite stroke is freestyle/front crawl. I like it because I feel really comfortable with it and I’m the fastest at in all of my strokes. Swimming has changed my life because I got better at racing my friends when swimming and have so much more confidence and fun! It also helps turn my hair browner. J

I like Charlotte Aquatics because the teachers here are nice and helpful to the students but challenging at the same time so it’s a great balance!

PARENT NOTE: We can’t thank enough Charlotte Aquatics and the awesome teachers! I must admit I was apprehensive that Lily might feel out of place because she is older than the younger kids. But my fears were unfounded. Lily had a great time! She looks forward to her swimming class and never wants to miss any class! She missed only one class because she had ear infection and even then, she told me she could have done the class. Lily likes her teachers, Ms. Kaitlyn initially, then Ms. Megan M. and Mr. William. They are all very patient, kind and encouraging. Outstanding! I’m so proud of Lily! Her hard work paid off with the help of her teachers. Thank you again Charlotte Aquatics!



Rylee is 6 years old in the first grade. She began swimming at Charlotte Aquatics at 8 months old in the infant classes with her Mom and Dad. She has loved the water ever since she was an infant. Rylee has continued to work hard and perfect her strokes in each level while also gaining more love for the water. Her favorite strokes are butterfly and breaststroke. One of Rylee’s favorite memories at Charlotte Aquatics was safety week. She enjoyed learning how to be safe in the water and around her home. When Rylee is not in the pool, she loves dance and tumbling.  She cannot wait to display her swimming trophy right next to her dance ones! 

Parent Note: I would like to personally thank all the teachers at Charlotte Aquatics (which she has had many), who have helped Rylee gain independence and accomplish her strokes to be a better swimmer. She will truly miss them!  I cannot thank each of them enough for all their hard work and determination to help her finish all her levels here at Charlotte Aquatics! As her Mom, I am beyond proud of all she has accomplished so far in 6 short years.  I am thankful we stuck with an organization that wanted to see a child succeed, and was willingly to help them get there!  You have truly showed us so much kindness in this difficult year, and I am forever grateful. This graduation means a lot to both of us, but is a connection Rylee can have with her Dad. I know he is looking down from heaven and is so very proud of her!

Arjun R.

Ethan L.




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