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Congratulations to our March Level 6 Graduates!!

Congratulations to our harding working students for passing our highest level! Setting a goal and persevering pays off!

Benson P.

My name is Benson. I am nine years old and in fourth grade. WhenI’m not swimming, I usually play with my brother’s I-phone. When I’m not playing games, I play with my baby sister. I love playing basketball with my friends. My favorite swimming memory is in level 5/6 because I got to have Ms. Liz. I am ahppy because I got to swim. My favoriets stroke is breaststroke and back crawl. Swmiimng changed my life because first I did not know how to swim at all. The best thing about Charlotte Aquatics is that I get to swim and feel free!






Katherine is 7 years old and has been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since she was an infant.  When she was in the first few levels, she was afraid to open her eyes under water, but she kept trying and is excited to finally pass Level 6!  Her best memory at Charlotte Aquatics is passing Level 1 because it was the first time she got a patch and certificate like her older brother.  Swimming has changed her life because now she can swim and play confidently in her grandparents’ lake.  Her favorite stroke is the backstroke, and her best swimming memory is jumping into the lake from her grandparents’ boat to swim with her cousins.  Katherine is in second grade, and when not swimming, she enjoys art and playing on screens.  She says her favorite thing about Charlotte Aquatics is that they encouraged her to persevere (her words!).  

Oliver Z.

My name is Oliver and I am 9 years old. When I am not swimming I enjoy spending time playing outside with my brothers and three dogs. My best swimming memory is participating in swim team the last three summers at the Reserve and winning ribbons! My favorite stroke is Backstroke. Swimming makes me happy – now that I am a great swimmer I love going down the water slides at Carowinds! What I like the most about Charlotte Aquatics are the coaches, especially Ms. Gigi and I love the rope. My favorite memory is safety day and jumping in the water with all my clothes on!





My name is Zosia and I am 8 years old.  I love to swim!  I also love riding my bike, playing outside and playing piano.  I have loved getting better at all of the swimming strokes and swimming my favorite, Freestyle.  My favorite thing at Charlotte Aquatics is swinging on the rope.  I am really happy to have my little brother swimming with me at Charlotte Aquatics too!






Andrea J.

Saujanya D.

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