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Greatness Continues with our Level 6 Grads!

Devin N.

Hi I’m Devin and I’m a nine-year old rising 5th grader. I have enjoyed my time at Charlotte Aquatics and am happy to be graduating.  When I’m not swimming, I like to play video games and soccer.  My favorite swimming stroke is the butterfly stroke.  I have gotten way better at swimming than when I started and it helps me feel safe in the water.   My favorite part about Charlotte Aquatics is what they’ve helped me learn about swimming.  






Eliza P.

Eliza has been swimming with Charlotte Aquatics for the past 4 years and has always had her sights set on passing Level 6 and getting THE TROPHY!  What started out as need for safety, eventually turned into an enjoyable hobby. Eliza has truly found joy in swimming, and although she still talks of the days when she was in the parent/child classes, she is now a confident, independent swimmer.  When Eliza isn’t swimming, she enjoys gymnastics, art and snuggling with her cat.






Haasini C.

My name is Haasini and I am 7 year old and first grader. I have always been very fond of water and love coming to Charlotte aquatics every week for swimming. I joined Charlotte aquatics when I was three year old and I absolutely love the teachers here who are very helpful in teaching me how to swim. My favorite stroke is backstroke. Other than swimming, I like art and playing piano, my favorite activities outside swimming. The best part of swimming is that it makes me feel happy and I will continue to swim even after graduation.

Parent Note: We are very proud of Haasini’s accomplishment. We owe her success to the perseverance of the staff at Charlotte aquatics and strong determination of Haasini. We still remember the days when Haasini was having tough time to move up from level IV to V. It was the special attention of Ms. Deborah (her swimming instructor for last few sessions) that made it possible for Haasini to graduate with flying colors. We are very proud of Haasini and are thankful to the staff of Charlotte Aquatics. You are the BEST!


Olive G.

Olive has been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since she was 11 months old, splashing around in the Toddler class with her mom. Though she has always loved to be in the water, swimming was not always something that came easily for her. Floating on her back, breathing to her side, putting butterfly arms and legs together – these are all things she had to work hard to master. Now when something doesn’t come to her easily, whether it is reading or turning a cartwheel, she remembers that she can do hard things and that practice pays off.  Olive is six years old and finishing her Kindergarten year. She also swims competitively for Old Georgetown, plays baseball, dances ballet and performs gymnastics. As a Daisy Scout, she ran the first Girl Scout cookie booth ever at Charlotte Aquatics. Her favorite memory of Charlotte Aquatics is the time she spent with Miss Deborah in private lessons. Passing level 6 feels bittersweet to Olive as she feels that Charlotte Aquatics is her swim home. She has been very well loved and supported by everyone here. We will forever recall the times that Miss Gigi has told us that though Olive is small, she is strong and capable of great things. The foundation of a large part of her early childhood confidence was built at Charlotte Aquatics.



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