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Introducing Our April Level 6 Graduates

Aarav M.

My name is Aarav and I am 7 years old. I am in the first grade. I go out and play with my friends and play Legos when I am not swimming. I have been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since I was 6 years old. My best swimming memory is when I did the front crawl with flippers. I was so fast and had so much fun. My favorite stroke is breaststroke.  Learning how to swim helped me gain confidence and I can swim in big pools now. The best part of Charlotte Aquatics is the teachers, William, Liz, Gigi and Mike are the best and they helped me in learning swimming so fast. Mr. Mike is so funny! Thanks to everyone and I will miss Mr. Mike, Ms. Gigi, and Liz a lot.


Marianne T.

My name is Marianne. I’m nine years old and in third grade. When I’m not swimming, I’m playing with my LOLs or watching Netflix. I also like to play with my little brother sometimes. My best swimming memory was getting to level 6. My favorite stroke is butterfly. Swimming has changed my life; I’m not scared of drowning anymore. I think what I like most is swinging on the rope and jumping then swimming. 





Prem D.

Prem is 8 years old and in Grade 2. He has been attending Charlotte Aquatics since he was a toddler. Prem loves attending Charlotte Aquatics and loves to have Mr. Mike and Ms. Deborah as teachers. When Prem is not swimming he plays alot of nintendo. His favorite memory is cannonballing everywhere he can. Prem unfortunately has lost all his patches but will definitely safeguard his trophy. Prem’s favorite stroke is the dolphin kick. Swimming helps Prem exercise and it’s very fun. Prem says all of the teacher’s  at Charlotte Aquatics have been very nice to him. His favorite memory will be graduation with his trophy. He has worked very hard and has been looking forward to it for some time. He is also looking forward to starting the Elite Fish class


Samantha W.

My name is Samantha. My parents started swim classes for me when I was 4 because we have a pool in our yard and they wanted me to learn to swim. At first I was scared, but after I learned how to swim I loved it. My parents said after level 5 I could be done, but I wanted to keep going to get the trophy! I was most afraid at first to get into the pool. Here are a few things about me I’d like to share about me. When I’m not swimming, I like to play outside. My favorite thing about Charlotte Aquatics was doing a cannon ball in the pool. My favorite part was getting my trophy and I have it in my room. My favorite stroke is the breaststroke. I like swimming because it makes me happy! I am 7 now and my mom recommends Charlotte Aquatics to all her friends with kids, because she says the program and teachers are legit. 


Alexandra F.

Halle P.

Lana S.

Sahana S.




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