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Keeping Our Facility Clean & Our Water Safe For You!

Every week over 1,300 students, their parents, siblings, grandparents, and other family visitors enter our facility! It is no easy task to keep our facility clean and our water safe to swim in. You may not realize what goes into maintaining your swim school. Every night our fabulous facilities crew – pressure washes our pool deck and locker rooms and cleans the facility.

We filter our water 24/7 and our pool chemicals are computer regulated. Filtration and disinfection are key elements to keeping our swimmers safe. Filtration removes particulates (dirt and debris) from the water while disinfection eliminates harmful pathogens that might be in the water. Bromine/chlorine are the disinfectants that are used in swimming pools. Unfortunately, there are some pathogens that are tolerant to bromine/chlorine.

According to the Model Aquatic Health Code (the only national model pool code based on best practices and scientific data gathered by public health and aquatics industry experts) a secondary source of disinfection is needed to keep water safe and free of pathogens. Adding an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system to our pool last year, helps keep it clean, safe and free of pathogens. Having this multiple barrier disinfection is the most effective way to treat water and provides the best disinfection. Very few commercial pools have this added layer of protection!

So now you know! We try our best every day to keep our facility clean and well maintained and our water safe!

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