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Our Newest Level 6 Graduates!

Grant M.

Grant Martin is an 8 year old second grader who loves to swim because it keeps him active. Since he started at Charlotte Aquatics 3 years ago, it has been Grant’s goal to pass the level 6 swim class.  He has appreciated all of his swim instructors and has learned so much from them.  Grant has enjoyed his swim lessons because each level continued to push him to perfect all of the strokes, especially the backstroke which is his favorite.  The lessons have also taught him about water safety. One of his favorite times of the year is fall when pumpkins are used in the pool as part of the swim lessons! When he’s not swimming, Grant likes to play soccer, read, go camping, play with his friends and he is also training to run a half marathon next spring.


Myrah M.

Myrah has come a long way in her swimming journey at Charlotte Aquatics.  She has become super confident in the water.  Myrah’s goal was to pass level 6 before her 6th Birthday. She did just that! Completing level 6 has given her faith in knowing she can accomplish anything she works hard for. She has loved working with all the teachers. She will greatly miss Ms. Kathryn as she spent the most time with her.  Myrah loves the friendly and kind staff at Charlotte Aquatics.  Myrah will cherish all the level ribbons and the trophy that she earned by working hard.  Myrah plans to continue swimming by making it a regular part of her life.  


Samantha W.

Samantha lived in England the first 4 years of her life.  She started swim lessons when she was 4 months old (her Dad is Australian and so being a strong swimmer is important to the family).  She suddenly grew scared of the water when she turned 2 and cried for about 12 weeks of lessons.  Then we went on a vacation where her Dad taught her to jump into the pool with no armbands and she LOVED it!  She has been a fish ever since.  We enrolled Samantha at Charlotte Aquatics as soon as we moved here at age 4 and she has been swimming with Ms Deborah and Ms Liz ever since.  She really LOVES to swim and the teachers are incredible.  This will be her second summer of participating on a Swim Team (The Sardis Sharks)!  When Samantha is not swimming she is playing. Her favorite stroke is Freestyle and swimming is her favorite sport! What she likes most about Charlotte Aquatics are her teachers. “I love Ms. Deborah and Ms. Liz!”

Parent Note: Thank you for a great experience, it has been so fun as a parent to watch Samantha grow in confidence and skill level these past 2+ years!  


Peyton M.

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