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Read about our AWESOME level 6 graduates!

Kush G.

I am Kush, a 9-year-old rising 3rd grader.  I started my water journey one year ago with Mr. Edgar at Charlotte Aquatics. I was taught by many instructors – to name a few – Ms. Liz, Ms. Gigi, Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Megan.  When I am not at Charlotte Aquatics, I like to play with my friends and swim at the neighborhood pool. My favorite stroke in Butterfly. Charlotte Aquatics has taught me how to be safe in water and how to save myself. I can now try and make my own strokes. 🙂   All my patches are showcased in my bedroom pinned on a board. I love coming to CA each week without fail, love you all so much.

Parent Note: We are so proud to see Kush improve so much in a year and ready for next challenges. We are so appreciative to all Charlotte Aquatics staff. You all make a great team and give a safe environment to our kids. Hats off!


Lavanthi N.

My name is Lavanthi. I am 10 years old and a rising 5th grader. I started learning swimming when I was 5 years old. After a break I started swimming at Charlotte Aquatics, in June 2017.

When I am not swimming I like to dance and draw. I am learning classical Dance and got awards for my performance. My best swimming memory is whenever I pass on to the next level and get my certificate and badge. I stick all my patches on the wall and whenever I look at them, I feel of proud of myself! I have a trophy shelf in my room I am waiting to keep my swimming trophy there.

I like all the strokes. My favorite stroke is breast stroke and back stroke. I found Butterfly was a little difficult but with the help of Mr. Mike (he is very kind and funny) and by practicing – I got it! I like to do underwater swimming which is very challenging and interesting. Learning swimming helped me a lot. At first I was so scared to swim but now I love to swim in the pool. This summer vacation we went to a water park and beach. I was not scared! I really enjoy playing in water with my friends.

The best part in Charlotte Aquatics is its very good place to learn swimming the pool is very big. I like all my instructors they are very kind and helped me lot to learn all my strokes. I always like to take pictures in the photo booth. Thanks for teaching me stroke techniques and how to swim. I am very excited to get the trophy.


Lia L.

Lia is 6 years old and has been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since she was 2.5! She is a rising first grader and is so excited to be graduating from the Charlotte Aquatics program.  Lia’s favorite thing about swimming has been her teachers, especially Miss Deborah and Miss Katie, and her favorite stroke has always been back crawl.  

Parent Note: Lia has loved her lessons and has grown so much, we are grateful for Charlotte Aquatics for everything they’ve taught her! 



Dee Dee F.

Sebastian B.

Christopher-Ryan “Monster”

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