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We hate to see you go but we understand that situations change. If you are having a scheduling conflict, we would be happy to help you switch to another day and time, or address any other issues you may be having. To discuss any issues or for help in switching to another class, day, or time, call us at (704) 341-9673.


1. CLICK HERE to go to our Parent Portal and sign in
2. At the top right corner you will see drop down menu. Select Contact Us
3. In the Subject please write “Cancellation”
4. In the Message please tell us your swimmer’s name, class, day and the last month you will be taking lessons with us.


The request to cancel must be received 30 days prior to your student’s last swim lesson.


I understand that my cancellation form must be received 30 days prior to my child’s last swim lesson.  My swim lesson will be cancelled 30 days after receiving the cancellation form. If I change my mind, I must re-enroll. I understand space may only be available in a class other than the class I am withdrawing from. Hand written or verbal cancellations cannot be accepted.