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Safety Week at Charlotte Aquatics

April 30 – May 6 is Safety Week at Charlotte Aquatics. During Safety Week your child will be jumping in the pool with their clothes on. It is important to have students experience this to avoid a panicked experience in the future should an emergency occur and they find themselves in water with clothing on.

Keeping your child safe in and around the water is crucial. You are taking the first and most important step by having them learn how to swim. Swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning by 88%! However, by reviewing these rules (more than once) you will also decrease the odds of a water related tragedy.


  1. Review the water safety rules
  • Always swim with an adult watching
  • Always walk slowly never run around the pool to avoid slipping and falling
  • Call 911 in case of an emergency. Actually have your child practice dialing 911 so they know exactly what that means.
  1. Ask your child what they would do if they fell into a pool.
  • Turn around and grab the wall
  • Roll on your back and float
  • Tread water for the more experienced swimmers
  1. Review jump safety rules. Look before you leap and always jump feet first away from the wall.
  • Ask them what they should look for – other people, toys, an adult is present and watching, how deep/shallow the water is, etc…
  1. If your child gets tired while swimming, reinforce that they can roll over onto their back and rest while they float. They can then roll back over to the front and swim a little further. They can continue to swim, roll over, float, and rest until they reach safety.
  2. Only dive in designated areas. Never dive in water that you are unsure of the depth such as a lake, river, or pond.
  3. Reach or throw – don’t go. Children should be taught to never go in the water to save someone. They should yell for help, try to reach for the victim or throw them something that floats.

Remember, we culminate our Safety Week with Safety Day, a free event for students and the community. Children will learn not only about water safety but car safety, animal safety, fire safety, stranger danger and so much more. Join us in our parking lot for lots of fun and learning on Sunday, May 6th from 1:00pm – Bring a friend and enjoy the fun!!

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