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Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Devyn grew up being curious and competitive. At the age of 4, his family learned he had a condition in his right eye, called staphyloma. That meant he was considered legally blind in that eye. However, that did not hinder Devyn in any way. Since he couldn’t be involved in contact sports, he began swimming lessons and competitive swimming, following his big brother’s path. He excelled at the sport. For 18 years now, Devyn has traveled all over the country for all kinds swimming competitions. From 2013-2017, he competed with Queen’s University of Charlotte and won 3 NCAA D2 Championships. Prior to that, he won two high school championships. Devyn works hard to stay focused on his goals, while remaining humble and grounded. He always finds the time and effort to “give back”, by teaching swim lessons and helping students who needed tutoring in academic areas, like math and the sciences. His hobbies includes listening to various genres of music, working out and dancing, playing video/board games, and cooking, especially!