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Katie adores working with children of all ages and watching them learn to love and respect the water. Katie, who aspires to become a grief counselor for children, is currently attending college at CPCC and hopes to transfer to UNCC. She has been working with children for twelve years now and started in the nursery at church when she was thirteen years old! At sixteen she was given her own Sunday School class and began teaching preschool age’s three to four. When she turned twenty, she took on a full time nanny position. Katie is a huge advocate for keeping children safer around water. “No one can predict what a child may do. It gives me peace that we teach safety skills for this reason alone.” Katie is also a mother to a very smart, loving and adventurous little girl. Together they spend time with their two feline friends, Pringles and Tubs, and their beagle, Maggie. Katie is always outdoors swimming, hiking, kayaking and taking neighborhood walks. She is the youngest sibling of four brothers and is close to her Charlotte born and raised family. “This past winter I did a polar plunge. That is quite a huge difference than the balmy 89 degrees of Charlotte Aquatics’ comfy pool waters.”