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Starting 2019 off with Our Newest Level 6 Super Swimmers!

Avery J.

Avery is 7 years old and in second grade. When she is not swimming she likes to ride her bike, play games with her family, and play lacrosse, golf, and soccer. Avery’s best memory of swimming at Charlotte Aquatics is Pumpkin Week – “Swimming with the pumpkins was soooo hard, but fun!” She keeps all of her hard earned swim patches on a bulletin board in her room. Her favorite stroke is butterfly and breaststroke. When asked what she likes the most about Charlotte Aquatics she tell you the teachers – specially Miss Gigi!


Emily L.

Emily, is in second grade and she began to study swimming at Charlotte Aquatics last year in August. She enjoyed her class very much and can swim very well now.

Parent Note: I want to thank all her teachers and the staff, you gave her sweet and happy memories for her swimming class.


Tharun J.

Tharun is 8 years old and in 3rd grade. He started swimming in 2017. Over the course of the two years, Charlotte Aquatics has given Tharun perseverance, discipline, and motivation. Asides from swimming, Tharun enjoys playing with his LEGOs and playing sports with his friends. What he likes most about Charlotte Aquatics is that they reward him with a trophy after years of hard work and determination. His best swim memory has to be when he finished his first level. While he was only 6 years old at the time, he learned early on that hard work comes with a reward. This accomplishment only furthered his motivation and resulted in his completion of the Charlotte Aquatics Swim Program. In the end, swimming has changed Tharun’s life by adding new qualities to his character, giving him a round personality with amicable traits. In addition, he has learned a useful skill that will stay with him forever. Thank you Charlotte Aquatics!  

Aayushi P.

Logan W.

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