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Super Level 6 Champions!!! Congratulations!

Chelsea B.

Hello, my name is Chelsea, a 7 year old, rising 2nd grader.  I have been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics for a couple of years.  The thing I like best about Charlotte Aquatics are the great teachers.  Especially when they taught me the Breast Stroke my favorite swim stroke.  Each time I have gotten a level patch my Nana sews it onto my backpack. Learning to swim lets me go safely into pools, lakes and the beach.  When I am not swimming, I am all about gymnastics.

P.S. The car magnets are pretty cool too!   Whenever I see one, I call it out.



Christopher B.

Christopher  absolutely LOVES to swim. He started swimming when he was 6 months old. As a baby he would always go into the pool with a smile on his face and come up out of the water with his mouth wide open, still smiling. His favorite stroke is the butterfly. When he is not swimming he loves to play basket ball outside with his friends.  He has met so many friends through swimming. Being able to swim has allowed him to confidently go to water camps like wake boarding and challenge other campers to races in the pool and down the slide. His favorite memory at Charlotte Aquatics was being able to jump off the rope at the end of class. He loves all the teachers at Charlotte Aquatics and appreciates the push they give him to strive for EXCELLENCE.


Connor B.

Connor enjoys playing all different sports, especially golf and football.  He enjoys reading every Magic Treehouse book he can.  He has all his patches together in a box and takes them out from time to time to count them up.  Now that he is confident in the water, we really look forward to going to our club’s pool and playing all different games with the other kids there.  Connor enjoyed all his  teachers throughout his time there and is looking forward to cheering on his younger brother (Colin) as he makes his way through each of the levels

Parent Note: Thank you from all of us for the fantastic learning experiences we have had at Charlotte Aquatics.


Natalia J.

Natalia is a 10 year old rising 5th grader and has been a student at Charlotte Aquatics since 2015. She started in level 1 and has been looking forward to her graduation day ever since. She is an Honor Roll student at her elementary school. Besides swimming, Natália also does gymnastics and loves to read.  She always looked forward to coming to swimming lessons and worked hard to achieve her skills even without any pool to practice! Her favorite stroke is the Butterfly. Natália is sad to leave Charlotte Aquatics, but excited to be a great swimmer thanks to all the teachers she has had, especially Ms. Deborah, whom she had the privilege to be with these past 4 levels. THANK YOU Charlotte Aquatics!!!



My name is Vicky and I am turning nine in August. I am a rising fourth grader. When I am not swimming I like to jump rope or dance. My best swimming memory is winning first place in two freestyle relays. My favorite stroke is freestyle. Swimming has made me feel a lot safer in water. What I like most about Charlotte Aquatics is the teachers are very nice, fun, and helpful. My favorite memory of Charlotte Aquatics is swinging on the rope and dropping in the water.




Isabella M.

Jake D.

Arav M.

Mina S.

Deniz S.

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