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Super Swimmers Pass Level 6! Congratulations!

Ella O

Ella is 6.5 years old and is a rising first grader. Ella has been a student at Charlotte Aquatics since she was about 6 months old. During her time there she was able to swim with most of the amazing instructors at Charlotte Aquatics. In the beginning, she did not take well to the water, but with the perseverance of her amazing instructors and her determination to learn the sport, she and her family are so excited to be graduating level 6! Most importantly, she can’t wait to accept her trophy!

When Ella is not swimming, she finds great pleasure in creative arts and crafts, gymnastics and playing with friends. However, especially during the summer, she loves swimming with friends at the neighbor’s pool!  Her best memory of swimming is being able to swim across the pool unassisted and without stopping. Most recently she had great pride (as did her parents) in being able to swim 3 laps of her favorite stroke, butterfly without stopping! What a sight that was to see!!!

Swimming has changed Ella’s life in that now she has the fundamental skills to be safe in the pool or open water. Further, with learning and graduating from each level, she has gained confidence, strength and knowledge about herself and her capabilities in the water. After level 6, she can focus on fine tuning her strokes and possibly join a local swim team! She is so excited! Ella states that what she likes most about Charlotte Aquatics are all the great instructors and all the new friends she gets to make when she is in a class. 

Parent Note: We can not be more proud of Ella! It has been amazing to watch her grow in the water. From being in the water with her as an infant, to letting her go without me in the water, and to now see her swim with confidence and grace. We are so grateful to all the instructors at CA, especially for their patience, their ability to “know” what Ella needed to help her succeed in each level. We are so grateful and celebrate this huge milestone in her life. Thank you!

Kristian R.

My name is Kristian and I am 6 years old. When I am not swimming I love to play baseball, which is my favorite sport! I always have fun in the water and I have kept all of my patches and ribbons safely in a box in my bedroom. Front crawl is my favorite stroke but butterfly is a close second! Swimming has changed my life by helping to keep me safe and not wear floaties or need help from my mommy and daddy. I loved swimming with Ms. Gigi! She made swimming fun and has been my teacher through all of the levels!






Nitish M.

Hi I’m Nitesh! I’m 8 ½ and a rising 3rd grader. I have enjoyed my time at Charlotte Aquatics and am happy to be graduating. I joined Charlotte Aquatics when I was 2.5yr old but I had to quit because we moved out of Charlotte. Recently we moved back and I again continued my classes from where I left off and was happy that I could continue and pass all levels. My favorite stroke is butterfly. I like all the instructors and loved working with all the staff. When I am not swimming I like to play with my friends and learn new things like piano and chess. Completing level 6 has given me faith in knowing that I can accomplish anything I work hard for. The lessons have also taught me about water safety. I will cherish all the level ribbons and the trophy that I earned by working hard. 

Parent Note: Thank you for a great experience, it has been so fun as a parent to watch Nitesh grow in confidence and skill level these years!  



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