Goals to Pass Swim Levels

Achieving Swim Goals with Heart!


Passing Goals for Level 1

To pass Level 1, students must demonstrate five feet of independent, forward progression using a rough form of arm and kicking coordination that is done while the face is submerged.

Passing Goals for Level 2

To pass Level 2, students must swim 10 feet of front crawl comfortably and consistently unassisted, using arm and kick coordination, and must also be able to demonstrate 10 feet of kicking on their back unassisted with or without fining arms.

Passing Goals for Level 3

To pass Level 3, students must consistently swim 25 feet of front crawl unassisted and demonstrate the pop-up for a breath and recovery while doing so. In addition, students must consistently demonstrate 25 feet of back crawl unassisted.

Passing Goals for Level 4

To pass Level 4, students must swim 50 feet of front crawl using a rotary breathing pattern; unassisted, with no struggle, and must demonstrate this consistently. Students must also:

  • Swim 50 feet of back crawl
  • Back float for 30 seconds
  • Perform a kneeling dive


Passing Goals for Level 5

Student must be able to swim Front Crawl, Back Crawl, and Butterfly according to the following stroke performance criteria starting from the streamline position:

  • Front Crawl, 100 feet (2 laps) with a 30-second rest between each using rotary breathing on both laps
  • Back Crawl, 100 feet (2 laps) with a 30-second rest between each lap counting their strokes at the flags
  • Butterfly for 50 feet (1 lap) using both arms and legs together in a one pull two kick style

Passing Goals for Level 6

To pass Level 6, students must be able to swim according to stroke performance criteria 100 feet of both the front crawl and the back crawl continuously while using an open turn.

Students must swim according to stroke performance criteria 50 feet of breaststroke and 100 feet of butterfly.

In addition, students must be able to tread water for 2 minutes and perform a standing dive with streamline and glide.

Passing Goals for Level 7

To pass Level 7 students must demonstrate proficiency and efficiency in performing all strokes as required in the stroke performance criteria for this level while attaining the following distances for each:

  • Front and back crawl 150 feet
  • Breaststroke and Butterfly 100 feet.
  • Students must be able to do a stationary flip turn, surface dive with ring retrieval, and tread water for 3 minutes.