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We are Thankful for our Level 6 Champions!

Adwita N.

Adwita is 8 years old and is in the 3rd grade. Adwita started in Charlotte Aquatics at the age of 5. She spent most of her time with Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Deborah. Her favorite stroke is front crawl, which she seemed to excel early on. Her best memory of Charlotte Aquatics is when she had her birthday picture taken with a crown on her head. Swimming has given her a lot of confidence to stay afloat, keep her head above the water, and swim like a fish. Apart from swimming, Adwita loves to run, ride her bike, read books, learn music and play with friends. She is going to miss all the wonderful teachers. We are so proud of what she has accomplished. Thank you for all your support and guidance.


Devin P.

My name is Devin. I’m 12 years old and in the sixth grade. When I’m not swimming, I mostly do homework, but if I am not doing homework, I like to climb and hang on things like monkey bars. Also, I like to play basketball with my friends. My favorite swimming memory is when I was in level 3 and 5 because Ms. Liz and Ms. Deborah are very nice. I am happy because I am finally getting my level 6 trophy!! My favorite stroke is front crawl and breaststroke. Swimming has changed my life because now I could teach my little sister how to swim and now I can swim without drowning. What I like most about Charlotte Aquatics is that I get to go to the pool even though its almost winter and I enjoy the water a lot now!


Madison M.

Madison, who is nine years old and in fourth grade, began her journey with Charlotte Aquatics in February 2017.  She has always loved the water and wanted to learn to swim like a mermaid. Despite a broken arm and a few other injuries, she persevered and is now a skilled swimmer.  She will certainly miss all of the staff at Charlotte Aquatics but is very proud that she can now swim like a fish!



Aditi S.

Cooper B.

Bailey H.

Thomas T.

Charley B.

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