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swim lessons charlotte nc

We Love our Parents and they love us

Dear Ms. Gigi, This is Emily from your class that was on Thursdays @ 7:30. I just wanted to tell you I won 1st place in butterfly and backstroke, and 2nd in free style, at the meet on Sunday the 18th. Thank you for all your help. You really helped me improve. I am glad I was in your class. Thank you, Emily

I wish I could have been there today… Noah said it is the best day of his life! That isn’t something he just says, so I know he means it. I couldn’t help but shed a couple tears at that. I appreciate all that you did to help him celebrate working hard to obtain a goal. Now onto level 3! Laura

I wanted to also let you know what a WONDERFUL teacher Deborah is – she has been so gentle, kind and patient with the children, making for such a positive learning environment. We will definitely be signing up for more classes in the near future, once we see how well Gavin settles into preschool. Kind Regards, Margaret

Thank you for the pictures and my certificate. I love coming for my swimming lessons at Charlotte Aquatics. I love you. I am sending a big HUG for Ms. Gigi. She helps me and I like her as my teacher…she taught me how to swim and because of her I am now moving onto Level 2. Love, Sia

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Way to go – Spring 2016 Level 6 Champions!

My name is Aashna, and I am a first grader at Matthews Elementary School. When I’m not swimming, I enjoy reading, dancing and playing music on my piano. I really love hanging out with my friends and family. My best swimming memories are of having lo … :: read more

Introducing the Winter 2016 Level 6 Champions!

My name is Arya and I am 7 years old. I am a first grader at Sugar Creek Elementary in Fort Mill. When I am not swimming, I am learning Martial Arts at US-K Marital Art School. I also love to play with my friends, spend time with my family and I … :: read more


My name is Addy and I am 6 years old.  I am a first grader at Selwyn Elementary.  When I am not swimming, I am a competitive cheerleader for Charlotte Extreme Cheerleading.  I also love to play soccer, play with my friends and my two dogs.  My fav … :: read more