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Is it time for swim lessons for your child? Can you possibly add one more thing to your schedule? We know being a parent often means running from one activity to the next with your child and we know how exhausting that can be. But swim lessons are the one activity that undeniably has lifelong benefits. These lessons not only equip your child with crucial lifesaving skills but also offer surprising advantages for their overall well-being. 

Swim lessons not only reduce the risk of drowning by 88%, but at Charlotte Aquatics, students also learn self-confidence, goal-setting, and life skills! It is a great social activity that is both fun and engaging. Studies show that participating in early childhood swim lessons improves test scores, enhances academic achievement, and places children developmentally ahead of schedule in multiple areas, including recall, oral expression, and mathematic reasoning.

We have a variety of levels of lessons that would match your child’s need wherever their skill level may be.

Dates We're Closed

You will not be charged for days that we are closed. 

Memorial Day
May 27, 2024

Summer Maintenance
July 1- 7, 2024

Nov 27–Dec 1, 2024

Winter Break
Dec 21-Jan 1, 2025