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Our Intensive Lessons offer a fast track swimming program where your child comes 4 consecutive days in 1 week! Lessons are 30 minutes long and are at the same time each day. We cannot offer make-ups or refunds for missed intensive classes. Tuition for Intensive classes is $100 per session.


Our Level 1 class is designed to introduce children to the aquatic environment while introducing basic skills that will lead to independent, forward progression in the water.

Prerequisite: No previous water experience is necessary however, students must be 4 years or older.

Our Level 2A class is for students who are comfortable in the water, can blow bubbles, and are able to swim independently with their face in the water for a short distance. The main goal of Level 2A is to provide self-assurance in independent swimming. Students will be able to swim 10 feet of the front crawl confidently and consistently and demonstrate the foundation for back crawl.

Prerequisite: Must have accomplished all Level 1 skills.

In Level 2B, students build upon the foundational front and back crawl skills that were learned in level 2A. The main goal of Level 2B is for students to be able to swim 25 feet of both the front and back crawl safely and consistently. This class prepares them for the challenge of rotary breathing that is introduced in Level 3.

Prerequisite: Mastery of all Level 2A skills.

Level 3 is for independent swimmers. In this level, students will refine their front crawl and back crawl while gaining a strong command of rhythmic, rotary breathing. Introduction of the resting strokes will be included.

Prerequisite: Mastery of all Level 2B skills.