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Congratulations Eden-Level 6 Champ!


Hi my name is Eden and I am 6 years old. I love to swim but when I am not, I do gymnastics and play. My best swimming memories are swimming with the pumpkins every October and having my parents in the pool with me when I was a baby. I cherish all of my level patches and my mom is going to create a shadow box with all of my patches and pictures from all my levels. My favorite strokes are butterfly and freestyle. I am so glad I can swim; it has given me confidence in the water. I am proud of all the skills that I have acquired to move on to each level.  The coaches are my favorite memory about Charlotte Aquatics. They have been so encouraging from the start. They have practically watched me grow up. 

Parent Note: As Eden’s parents, we have enjoyed watching her grow and come into her own at CA. We began at CA when she was about 6 months old and have consistently kept her in lessons since. We have enjoyed watching the coaches teach her and are appreciative of their valuable knowledge and time. We’re very proud and excited for Eden. It has been a joy to watch her complete each level and learn new skills from the very first class to the last. Thank you, CA, for all that you do!