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Congratulations to our September Level 6 Champs!!

 Hi! My name is Alex and I am 7 years old. When I am not swimming, I like to play soccer and run around. I also enjoy playing video games and playing with my big brother Clarke. My best swimming memory is when I swam the IM and found out that I graduated. My favorite stroke is freestyle. Swimming has changed my life by giving me exercise with my body. I had a great time at Charlotte Aquatics, and I enjoyed all my teachers. Everyone is very nice and helpful. My favorite memory is going to swim and getting swimmer of the month. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers at Charlotte Aquatics, you have been so amazing. 


Hi.  My name is Hudson and I’m 6 years old (almost 7) and in 1st grade.  I’ve been at Charlotte Aquatics for almost my entire life, starting when I was 6 months old (with Miss Gigi).  I have learned a lot and had a lot of great swim teachers (Miss Kathryn, Miss Gigi, Mr. Mike, and Mr. William), but I think my favorite is Mr. William – because he’s a great teacher and makes class really fun.  When I’m not swimming, I love to play baseball, football, basketball, and soccer.

My favorite stroke is the freestyle, but my best stroke is the breaststroke.  My best swimming memory was coming in 1st place at one of my team’s (Baxter Barracudas) swim meets over the summer.  Also, being able to swim with my family and friends in our new pool!  

I’m really going to miss everyone at Charlotte Aquatics, but I’m really proud to have gone all the way through the program and finally graduate!


Max is eight years old and has been taking lessons at Charlotte Aquatics since he was a toddler, he can’t remember a time that he hasn’t gone to swim lessons! Max loves organizing swimming races for his parents and doing cannonball competitions in his home pool. He also helped teach his grandfather how to swim, using what he has learned at Charlotte Aquatics. When he’s not in the pool, Max likes practicing the drums and playing video games. Thank you to all the amazing swim teachers who have helped Max grow over the years!