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Introducing our February Level 6 Graduates!

My name is Amelie. I am eight years old and in the third grade. I have been swimming at Charlotte Aquatics since I was three years old. When I am not swimming, I am a green belt in martial arts and a white belt in jujitsu. I also like to play on my iPad, piano, play with my cats, and drawing.  My favorite stroke is breaststroke. My favorite memory at Charlotte Aquatics is jumping from the rope and the first time I went down the slide when I was little. I love all the teachers at Charlotte Aquatics. They are so nice. Thanks 


Hi! My name is Arjun and I am 9 years old. When I am not swimming, I play soccer, read books, do martial arts, and I like to be silly with my twin sisters. My favorite strokes are Breaststroke and Freestyle. Swimming has given me a lot of confidence.  When I started, I was very nervous and scared of the water. Thanks to all the great instructors at Charlotte Aquatics and their constant encouragement, I love to swim now. Especially coach Devyn, who made it so fun to learn, I forgot I was nervous! My favorite memories of Charlotte Aquatics are all the fun moments I had with all my instructors while learning and going of the rope swing. 


My name is Lilah. I am 7 years old. I am in second grade. When I don’t go to swimming, I go to school. I also play with my friend, do gymnastics, play soccer, and ride horses. I have good memories of swimming in the lake with my friend. My favorite stroke is the breaststroke. My favorite memory at Charlotte Aquatics is swinging on the rope. 


Hi, I’m Liza. I’m 8 years old and in 2nd grade. When I’m not swimming, I do acrobatic classes and sing in my church choir. I like spending time with my friends and my sisters. My best swimming memory is learning to do breaststroke because it was hard to do, but I like a good challenge. My favorite strokes are butterfly and breaststroke. I’m glad I’ve gone to Charlotte Aquatics because I can swim safely and not be scared that I’ll get hurt. My favorite thing about Charlotte Aquatics is all of the great teachers I’ve had. 


Hi! My name is Nora and I am 8 years old and in 2ndgrade.  I have been coming to Charlotte Aquatics since right after I turned one and have loved every minute of it!  I’m so happy to have graduated from Level 6 and proud of how hard I worked to get there.  One of my favorite memories from my time at Charlotte Aquatics was Mr. William teaching us how to do the butterfly and making us all laugh!  I’ve loved all my teachers, especially Ms. Katie, Ms. Kathryn, Ms. Kristen, Ms. Olivia, and Mr. William!  My favorite strokes are freestyle and breaststroke, and I’m excited to keep practicing these as I head into swim team this summer.  When I’m not swimming, I am playing basketball, doing gymnastics, or doing crazy things with my little brother and sister!  Thank you so much for everything!  Charlotte Aquatics is such a fun place and we’re so lucky to be a part of this family!