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May Level 6 Champions


As we head into summer, we want to Congratulate our two level 6 graduates from May. As always, water safety and drowning prevention are top in our minds and ever present in our classes. Formal swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning by 88%!! As Level 6 Champions, Lily and Lucy not only can perform 200’ of Freestyle and Backstroke and 150’ of Butterfly and Breastroke, but they have passed our water safety exam and can tread water for 5 minutes, all very important safety skills. Congratulations to Lucy and Lily but also to their parents, who have provided them with the lifesaving skill of swim lessons!

“My name is Lily and I am turning 7 in June.  Charlotte Aquatics is the best because they help show me how to do different strokes.  It is important to learn to swim so you can be healthy and safe in case you fall in water.  I love Coach Kathryn because she is fun and she shows me what to do to learn to swim.  My favorite stroke is backstroke, and I am glad that I am learning butterfly because I didn’t know how to do that before.  One of my favorite things about Charlotte Aquatics is how you get to go through different levels and know a lot of the coaches.

My favorite places to use my swimming skills are at my neighborhood pool, and at my Grandma and Papa’s house at the lake with my cousins and friends.  

When I am not swimming, I love singing, gymnastics, soccer, and playing Adopt Me with my friends!”