Level 6 Champions

Congrats Level 6 Grads of December!

 Carlo is 11 years old and has been waiting for this day for many years! He’s had his eye on the trophy since he was a little boy, and has worked so hard to make this happen! Carlo has had many instructors over the years, but Ms. Stephanie taught most of his earlier levels and his most recent levels were completed with Mr.Mike. We’ve been so happy with Charlotte Aquatics and we’re forever grateful for these wonderful and patient instructors.Outside of swimming, Carlo enjoys playing baseball, tennis and drums.


Sarah started with Charlotte Aquatics when she was 6 months old. 8 years later she is a strong swimmer who likes to goof off in the pool. She has had some many of the amazing teachers at Charlotte Aquatics! When we started we were with mommy and me, and by 18 months old, Sarah was pushing off and swimming to Ms Kathryn without even looking back. Charlotte Aquatics equals Confidence in the water. We have never had a fear of the water, because of these lessons we are comfortable taking our children to any location. Sarah’s favorite memory of swimming is the slide. She loved the foam one that floated in the middle of the pool. She also thinks that the canoe when she was little was incredible – Mr Will laughing as he’d push them across the pool and then capsize them. She remembers being one of the only kids in the pool during Covid when she was learning her crawl. Mr Devyn, Mr Will, Ms Katie, Ms Kathryn, Ms Megan AND Ms Lexi started to yell her name as she came close to finishing. She said it was so LOUD it made the water move and made her laugh. Her favorite stroke is the crawl, she says is the one that makes the most sense and moves the fastest. Thank you for our time at Charlotte Aquatics. The consistency of the staff and the joy they bring to swimming.


His name is Liam, and he is 8 years old. He loves to play with friends, engages in gymnastics, soccer, and basketball. Liam loves reading Harry Potter. His best swimming memory was being a member of the Berewick swim team, the “Berewick Barracudas,” over the summer and swimming in the quarry in Mooresville. All the patches and prizes he collects are stored in a box. Liam’s favorite swimming stroke is breaststroke, and he attributes an increased sense of confidence to his swimming experiences. He appreciates the teachings at Charlotte Aquatics, emphasizing learning how to swim and what to do in dangerous situations. One of his cherished memories is the first time he was there when he was only 3 years old, and, of course, he fondly remembers the fun swim instructors who always joke around with him, especially Mr. Devyn.



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