Level 6 Champions

Congrats To Our October Level 6 Grads!!

Marie T.

Hi my name is Marie and I am 6 years old and in 1st grade.  I am the youngest of 3 kiddos in my family to graduate from Level 6 at Charlotte Aquatics.  I am so happy and proud to have set the goal of getting MY trophy and accomplishing it!  When I’m not swimming, I am playing softball and dancing.  I love music and art and playing with my friends.  My favorite stroke is breaststroke and my favorite swimming memory is learning from all my awesome teachers, especially Miss Gigi, Miss Deborah, Mr. William and Mr. Devyn!

Thank you for everything Charlotte Aquatics!  Y’all are THE best!  You feel like family 😘


Hi! My name is Oliver and I have really enjoyed coming to Charlotte Aquatics for swimming lessons over the last 4 years. My favorite thing about Charlotte Aquatics has been my swimming instructor, Mr Mike. He makes lessons fun and made me a confident and good swimmer. I started Charlotte Aquatics not being able to swim and now I love swimming and enjoy being able to swim lots of different strokes. My Gran has sewn my patches onto a blanket for me. My favorite thing to do when I’m not swimming is soccer. I love soccer and want to be a professional soccer player.


My name is Sissy and I’m 9 years old. When I’m not swimming, I like to sing, I take singing lessons and I like to hang out with my family and animals. My best swimming memory is when I moved up from level 3 – I was really proud of myself! My favorite stroke is butterfly. Swimming is really fun and it’s my favorite sport. My favorite thing about Charlotte Aquatics has been the instructors and I cannot wait to learn more in Elite Fish. 


Hi my name is Dylan. I am in 1st grade and I am 6 years old. It was really fun learning all the strokes at Charlotte Aquatics. My favorite teacher is Mr. William and my favorite stroke is breaststroke. When I’m not swimming I like to play with my friends, dance, play the violin, and read my favorite book Harry Potter. A favorite memory from Charlotte Aquatics was the first time I put my eyes underwater. It was really hard and I still did it.