Level 6 Champions

May, 2022 Level 6 Graduates Swimming into Summer Like Champs!!!

Hi!! My name is Avery and I am 12 years old and in the 6th grade.  When I am not swimming, I spend my time doing my schoolwork, playing videos games, and playing volleyball. My best swimming memory was when I learned how to swim when I lived in Arkansas. When we moved here, I started at Charlotte Aquatics where I have had many great instructors who have all helped me improve my swimming strokes.  My favorite is Breaststroke! Charlotte Aquatics has taught me to become a better, safer swimmer!


My name is Lydia. I am six years old and I am in first grade. When I’m not swimming, I like to play soccer and tennis, bake, and go to school. I have been taking swim lessons since I was six months old. My favorite stroke is the backstroke. My favorite memory is being thrown like a cannonball. I am so happy I have learned how to swim because now I can swim in the deep end and go down the waterslide at the pool.


My name is Naomi. I am 8 years old and in the third grade. When I am not swimming, I am usually at school or playing the piano. My favorite swimming memory is when I realized I was going to swimming school. I think I have had to work the hardest on the butterfly stroke. My favorite stroke is the elementary backstroke. I have been swimming since I was 3 years old, so I have been swimming all my life. I do not have a favorite part about Charlotte Aquatics, I just think it is a great place.


My name is Presley I am 8 years old in 2nd grade. When I am not swimming, I like to play tennis, do art, and read. My favorite memory about Charlotte Aquatics is the rope swing because it is so much fun. My favorite stroke is Butterfly because I love mermaids and you kick your feet like a mermaid swims. I joined Charlotte Aquatics as a baby and have had great instructors through my time here (Meagan, William, Deborah, Katherine and Nora). I am so excited to be graduating and receiving my trophy.


Hello!!  My name is Tanay, I am 9 years old and I am in the 3rd grade. When I joined Charlotte Aquatics, I was just 5 years old. I progressed here from level 2A to 6 and I’m so happy to achieve it. When I am not swimming, I like to read, draw, play cricket, and play online games on Xbox!  My favorite stroke is the butterfly.  It was initially hard, but my instructors made it fun and challenging. I love to swim at my neighborhood swimming pool. Staying focused and practicing at home helped me to achieve my goal sooner. We love Charlotte Aquatics because of the helpful staff, kind instructors, and safety and health measures taken during Covid time. It was a great journey with Charlotte Aquatics!