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7 Students Graduate Level 6 in November!


My name is Jayani and I am 10 years old. I like Charlotte Aquatics because I learnt how to swim. It helped me come over my fear of going on Cruises. Now, I can save myself & others from drowning. When I am not swimming, I like to do knitting. Also, my favorite memory is when I was 5 & me and my class went on inflatable boat & I fell off the boat. It was funny 😊. I will always miss Charlotte Aquatics & the fun I had with all my Instructors.

When Thomas started at Charlotte Aquatics, he was afraid of even getting his ears wet, now a year and a half later he is so excited to get his level six trophy! Thomas is a nine-year old third grader who loves to write his own stories and comic books. His favorite stroke is the back crawl and his happiest memory at Charlotte Aquatics is when he brought up the brick from the bottom of the pool. Thomas said “before swimming lessons I was afraid of the water, now I’m not and I can go swimming and play in the water with my friends.” Thomas loves all of the wonderful teachers he had here and will miss them very much!


Hi!  My name is Luke. I am a kindergartner. I first started swimming at Charlotte Aquatics when I was 6 months old! Both of my older brothers have graduated from Charlotte Aquatics too! When I am not in the swimming pool, I like to play with my Dad. My favorite stroke is freestyle. My favorite thing about Charlotte Aquatics is that “Gigi teaches there”. I will miss swinging on the rope at Charlotte Aquatics! Thanks for teaching me how to swim