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Congrats Level 6 Champions of November!


Hello, my name is Ducen, and I’m 9 years old. When I am not swimming, I like to play soccer. My favorite swimming memory is working with all of my teachers and swinging into the water with the rope. My favorite swim stroke is the butterfly. I’m glad I can now swim safely in the pool and at the beach. Thank you, Charlotte Aquatics, for teaching me the skills to be a strong swimmer!



Bio coming soon…


Bio coming soon…


Hello, my name is Alexander and I’m nine years old.I enjoy playing with my friends, playing basketball, my trampoline, and playing video games. I have two favorite swim memories.  One was the first time I was in the pool – I was SCARED. The other was when I was 5 and on vacation in Aruba – I became a fish – I swam so much you couldn’t get me out of the pool. My father has saved all my  awards/medals that I’ve gotten from Charlotte Aquatics. 


Bio coming soon…