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Congrats Level 6 June Grads!


Madison is 7 years old. Her favorite things to do when she isn’t swimming, is to dance and play with friends. Her best swimming memory is being able to perfect each stroke and learning how to dive. She keeps all of her level up patches in a memory box. Her favorite memory about Charlotte Aquatics is having Ms. Deborah and Ms. Kathryn as her teachers. Her favorite stroke is freestyle. She loves that she has gained a new level of confidence through swimming.  

Rahi & Riya

My name is Rahi, I am 8 years old (almost 9) and am a rising 4th grader. When I’m not swimming, I enjoy drawing, painting and baking delicious food. Swimming lessons have given me confidence in the water and my favorite stroke is the breaststroke. My mom has kept all of my patches and certificates.  I am very happy to complete all 6 levels and earn the Charlotte Aquatics trophy!

My name is Riya, I am 8 years old (almost 9) and am a rising 4th grader. I enjoy playing with my sister and brother, walking my dog and going to church. My favorite memory at Charlotte Aquatics is one of my first teachers, Ms .Gigi and also Mr. Mike who makes us laugh in the pool. My mom keeps all of my patches so I can remember this awesome place!  I am glad that I can have fun in the water safely. I will miss everyone!