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Congratulations to our January Level 6 Champ – Makayla


Hi! My name is Makayla Hopkins.  I am 8.5 years old and in the 3rd grade.  I have been swimming for six and ½ years.  My favorite stroke is breaststroke. What I like best about Charlotte Aquatics is my swim teacher, Miss Olivia.  When I am not swimming, I love doing art projects, making crafts, playing outside, and reading.  I love Charlotte Aquatics!

Parent’s Note: Makayla has learned so much during her time at Charlotte Aquatics.  We are very proud of Makayla’s accomplishments and her hard work throughout the years to graduate level 6!  We have enjoyed watching Makayla grow in her swimming skills, which has helped build her confidence as well.    Each of her coaches have been patient and encouraging and we appreciate all that you do! We hope baby sister will follow in her big sister’s swim path!