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Congratulations to Our November Level 6 Graduates!

Abby L.

My name is Abby and I am 7 years old. I love swimming and I love coming to class. My favorite thing about Charlotte Aquatics is the really nice teachers. When I am not swimming, I enjoy being with my family. I also love being outside, gymnastics, ballet, and art.

Juliana B.

Hello, I am Julianna and I am in the second grade. I am eight years old and I love to swim and I love cats. When I am not swimming, I am running and chasing my brothers. Thank you for teaching me how to swim really well. I really enjoy the breaststroke because I am faster than my big brother when I swim with the breaststroke. Thank you for making me feel safe when I swim at the beach and other places and not have to rely on floaties anymore! I have placed all of my certificates and patches on my wall in my bedroom (which is filled with stuffed cats because I love cats!). Thank you, Charlotte Aquatics!

Charlotte W.
Margaret W.
Prayag U.