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Congratulations to the first level 6 graduates of 2020!


My name is Blakely and I am in the first grade.  I have been at Charlotte Aquatics since I was a baby.  My big brother passed level 6 and I wanted to pass it, too!  When I am not swimming, I like to play on my gymnastics bar.  My favorite swimming memory is when I pushed Mr. Mike into the swimming pool! I like collecting the swim patches and I display them on my memory board in my bedroom.  Front crawl is my favorite stroke–some people call it “freestyle.”  It makes me feel good to be in the water and now that I have graduated from Level 6, I can swim to the floating dock at the lake by myself.  I like Charlotte Aquatics because the teachers are all nice and it’s fun to swim in the pool.  Using the rope at the end of swim class is my favorite thing to do at Charlotte Aquatics!

A quote from Blakey’s parents: 

We have spent several years at Charlotte Aquatics and have enjoyed sharing this special time in our children’s lives with the teachers, staff, and  other families.  We always trusted in CA to teach our children to swim properly and safely.  Our kids have blossomed as swimmers and it’s been a gift to watch them grow in strength and confidence.  A HUGE thank you to Charlotte Aquatics for being a part of our village all these years!

Knox is a six-year-old kindergarten student who has been with Charlotte Aquatics since he was six months old.  When Knox isn’t swimming, he loves playing at the playground, baseball, tennis, golf, and, of course, LEGOS!  Knox’s favorite swimming memory is snorkeling in St. Martin and watching sea turtles.  His favorite stroke is breaststroke.  He says swimming has changed his life by giving him the opportunity to compete on swim teams and to jump off big diving boards and extra tall docks.  His favorite things about Charlotte Aquatics are the rope swing and Ms. Gigi.  Knox’s favorite memory of Charlotte Aquatics was moving up to level 6, but now we suspect it will be graduating!