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Heading into the Summer with our June Level 6 Grads!


Thanks to Charlotte Aquatics, Elise is a great swimmer!!  We started with lessons when she was only 18 months old and she was afraid to put her head in the water, now she swims like a fish.  When she was about 2.5 we moved into a house with a pool and it took her less than 5 minutes to find her way in.  I was so pleased that she was comfortable in the water and also that she didn’t sink!! Now 4 years later she is swimming on our neighborhood swim team and keeping up with the older kids in her division.  We have been so pleased with our experience at Charlotte Aquatic, the smiles we get from the staff every time we walk in and the teachers are great, we have even enrolled our 12-month-old in lessons to start his swim journey!  We are looking forward to taking all Elise has learned and continuing with swim team in the fall.  


“My name is Catarina. I’m 9 years old and in 4th Grade. I started lessons at Charlotte Aquatics in 2015 when I was 3 years old. When I’m not swimming I like to ride my bike, play basketball, and play with my sister. My favorite swimming memory was using the kayak during safety week. It was so fun! My favorite stroke is front crawl. Learning how to swim helped me be more confident, because I learned to never say, “I can’t.” My favorite memory at Charlotte Aquatics was getting my certificate and patch when I graduated a level. I pinned all my patches on my desk. What I like most about Charlotte Aquatics are the teachers who are very fun!”

PARENT NOTE: I personally would also like to thank Charlotte Aquatics for providing a fun, learning, and safe environment for my two girls the past 6 years. Everyone is outstanding, from the office staff to the teachers. Both of my girls started swimming classes for the first time with Charlotte Aquatics in 2015. My oldest, graduated in 2018, and now my youngest is graduating. We are so thankful for all the skills they have achieved all through the years. They have become so confident and great swimmers! A big thank you to all the teachers that have taught them through these years, even though some no longer work at Charlotte Aquatics, especially Ms. Deborah, Mr. William, Ms. Gigi, Mr. Mike, and Ms. Kate. We highly recommend your swimming school to anyone! 


My name is Layla and I am 8 years old. I will be in the 3rd grade. I started at Charlotte Aquatics when I was 4 years old. Charlotte Aquatics has helped me be confident to join the swim team at our pool. I liked my teachers at Charlotte Aquatics, and they helped me a lot. My big sister, Bailey, graduated from Charlotte Aquatics and got her trophy and I wanted to too. My favorite stroke is the breaststroke. I like to swim because it is fun. 

Besides swimming, I also dance at the Harris YMCA. I love ballet and was in the Nutcracker for the first time last year! I am going to be on the swim team every year and will win many races and have fun with my friends. Thank you Charlotte Aquatics!