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July’s Level 6 Champions!!!


Margot Meyers, Age 9, is a rising 4th grader. She loves to sing and dance and write stories but swimming is her sport.  Margot says that butterfly is her favorite stroke (and her best stroke). Her best swimming memory is beating both her older siblings in a race on vacation last year. Margot says that what she has loved best about Charlotte Aquatics are the teachers! 


Hi. My name is Nathan and I am 10 years old and just finished the 4th grade.  When I am not swimming, I play outside with my friends.  My best swimming memory was when I was fast enough to beat a lot of people in a race.  My favorite stroke is the freestyle.   I feel great knowing how to swim.  Swimming has helped me save people in the pool.  What I like most about Charlotte Aquatics are the kind teachers.  I hung my Charlotte Aquatics patches on my refrigerator at home.  My favorite memory of Charlotte Aquatics is when I got to race two of the instructors.


My name is Vanshika and I am 10 years old. I am going to 5th grade after summer. My favorite stroke is Backstroke and I also like Breaststroke. Swimming has increased my ability to beat my relatives in swim races, being able to go in the deep end, and being able to teach my friends and family to swim. My favorite memory is being thrown into the pool, swinging on the ropes, swimming with the balls and pumpkins, and diving to get rings. When I am not swimming, I like to read and write stories. I keep all my patches and certificates safe in a binder of their own.  I am so happy and proud that I have achieved this accomplishment.

I have been swimming since I was five, but before I came to Charlotte Aquatics I was at Aqua-Tots. I think the best swim school is Charlotte Aquatics. I would like to give a REALLY SUPER DUPER EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to Mr. Devyn, one of my MOST favorite teachers. A little bit of fun, a little bit of jokes, a lot of swimming and a whole lot of good progress. I would also like to thank all my other teachers (Mr. William, Mr. Mike, Ms. Kathryn, Ms. Olivia D. and Ms. Megan N.) who have worked with me to help me accomplish this.

Parent Note: “We love Charlotte Aquatics’ staff and instructors.  We are very satisfied with the progress Vanshika has made so far. Thanks a lot for helping Vanshika in her swimming journey, we truly appreciate it!”


Hi! My name is Ava and I am nine years old. When I am not swimming, I like to play outside and play with my friends. My favorite swimming memories are safety week and jumping off the rope. I keep all of my patches in my bedroom. My favorite stroke is the breaststroke. Swimming has changed my life because I can swim better when I am at the pool and the ocean. What I like most about Charlotte Aquatics are the teachers.