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Level 6 Graduates!!

My name is Isaac and my favorite stroke is breaststroke. I like Charlotte Aquatics because it helps me swim faster and more efficiently. Coach Mike is my favorite coach because he teaches well. When I’m not swimming, I like to play video games.


When not swimming, Luca, seven, loves to build and create inventions. His latest inventions include a cat food and treat dispenser for his beloved cat, Enzo, a multi-room fort complete with air conditioning unit, and various airplanes and helicopters. He also loves to read, play soccer, swim, and play outside with his friends.

Parent Note: Luca has been swimming for several years with Charlotte Aquatics and loves the pool. We have seen a huge shift in his confidence in the water over the course of his lessons – he used to be so nervous and hesitant around the pool, and is now an extremely confident swimmer who jumps right in. His favorite stroke is breaststroke, he chooses it every time he can at swim team practice and meets as well. One of the things Luca has loved most about his time at Charlotte Aquatics has been his wonderful teachers. He says he has loved all of them, but his most favorite teacher is Ms. Katie. “She makes me laugh and is always happy. She has me do laps and taught me to dive!” We’re so proud of Luca and look forward to seeing him continue to grow. He is SO excited to finally get his trophy!


My name is Graham and I am nine years old.  I love to swim and go to the pool with my sister, Abby, in the summertime.  My favorite pool to swim in is the Morrison YMCA because of their awesome slides.  Freestyle is my favorite stroke because I like how fast you can go. When I am not swimming, I like to go to the beach, read books, play, and be with my family. Charlotte Aquatics has great teachers and I enjoy coming to swim lessons.  My favorite memory of Charlotte Aquatics is learning how to dive.  I love Charlotte Aquatics!


My name is Sienna Rose and I am six years old. When I am not swimming, I am a competitive gymnast at Perfect Balance Training Center. I also love reading books, doing arts and crafts, going on bike rides and, of course, spending time at the pool. I keep all my patches in a special jar and my favorite stroke is Freestyle. Swimming keeps me healthy and makes me happy! It is lots of fun. I like the feeling of floating on the water. I also feel safe in the water as I can swim different strokes. I love the teachers at Charlotte Aquatics and the colorful facility. I have two favorite memories: 1) when I did my flip turn in the water (I always was so afraid of it) and 2) when I got the news, I am ready to graduate from Level 6 and will get my trophy. I have learned to always give your best to see what you will achieve.   

PARENT NOTE: Charlotte Aquatics is AMAZING! Thank you for teaching Sienna to swim the last 4 years! She started swim lessons when she was 2.5 years old and panicked and cried the first few lessons, but your instructors were excellent with her! They were patient and kind, but still pushed her to achieve her best. It was incredible to see her confidence grow in AND out of the water and now she is graduating Level 6, loves the water and swims like a fish! THANKS to Charlotte Aquatics! We cannot say enough positive things about CA. We were always greeted by name and with a smile, making us feel welcomed. As we love CA so much and do not want to leave, we have even enrolled our 20-month-old in swim lessons. LOL     


Hi! I’m Samson and I am 7 years old. When I am not swimming at Charlotte Aquatics, I play tennis, baseball, karate, and play with my brothers. My favorite stroke is freestyle. I am happy to confidently swim in any water, (pool, ocean, lake) I love to be in the pool with my friends, especially playing alligator in the deep end of the pool.

Parent Note: Samson is a truly a fish in the water. For a small-framed boy he sure has a big heart and can swim with the biggest boys and hold his own in the water.  We are very proud of how good of a swimmer he has become and impressed with his ability to hold his breath to swim over 15 meters under water… and his ability to swim tirelessly throughout the day in our neighborhood pool.  Samson is glad to be graduating.


My name is Jameson and I am 9 years old. I will be in 4th grade. I started at Charlotte Aquatics in 2018 when I was 5 or 6. My favorite stroke I learned is the butterfly. Swimming has taught me that I am stronger than I think! My favorite swimming memory is having to dive in and get the brick underwater and then swim back with it. The thing I like the most about Charlotte Aquatics is they teach you how to swim. When I am swimming, I can’t really explain how it makes me feel except that it is a good thing. It’s just like I am going with the flow. My goal with swimming is to one day enter the Olympics for all of the strokes, yes even the 1500m!

Parent Note: We just want to thank the coaches and staff at Charlotte Aquatics for the overall quality of swimming instruction, consistency, safety, and support they have offered Jameson since we started. We started Jameson swimming as an infant and toddler at another swim facility and then stopped due to high turnover and inconsistency with coaches. At Charlotte Aquatics, Jameson is still excited to say “Hi” to coaches he had at earlier levels. It has been a pleasure for us to watch Jameson grow in self-confidence and self-discovery with each lesson and level completed.