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Swim Champions of January

Welcome, Charlotte Aquatics family and proud parents, to a special edition of our swim blog that is sure to make waves of excitement! Today, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on the rising stars of our aquatic community – the newest level 7 Graduates. Our graduates are ready to share their tales – inspiring narratives that showcase the transformation that happens when passion meets persistence in the shimmering embrace of the water.

Ian’s Bio:

Ian is 7 years old. His favorite thing to do when he isn’t swimming is to play games. One of his favorite swim memories is being part of the Summer League swim. His favorite swim stroke is breaststroke. At Charlotte Aquatics, his favorite memory is being able to swim with the pumpkins. He loves all of the nice instructors at Charlotte Aquatics. After completing each level in the swim program, he hangs up each patch on the refrigerator.

Bio coming soon!

Mercy’s Bio:

Mercy started at Charlotte Aquatics in parent/child classes as an infant and now, almost 8 full years later, she is a strong and independent swimmer. It took hard work, dedication and amazing instruction from the team at CA. We’re equal parts proud and thankful of and for her awesome progression. Mercy is in second grade at Anami Montessori and is also active in gymnastics.  When she’s not swimming she loves tackling all sorts of creative and artistic endeavors at home and going on adventures with her family. Mercy’s favorite stroke is breast, but she says her best stroke is butterfly. She loved the confidence that she now has in the community pool, boating out on the lake and in the ocean! Her favorite memory from Charlotte Aquatics has been the friendship she’s made with her friend Charlotte. She’s also so appreciative of all of her coaches and especially Gigi In the early years and then Deborah over the last Several years, as she has earned her craft. Thanks to all who have been a part of her journey!

Bio coming soon!

Charlotte’s Bio:

Charlotte is 7 years old and is in 2nd grade.  Outside of swimming, she enjoys soccer, dance, reading and going to bible study.  Her best swimming memory is when she learned how to do backstroke.  She keeps her patches and certificates in her memory box.  Her favorite stroke is breaststroke.  Swimming has changed her life because it makes her feel safe in the water.  She most likes how kind all the teachers are at Charlotte Aquatics.  Her favorite memory of Charlotte Aquatics is meeting and swimming with new friends.

Henry’s Bio:

Henry is seven years old and began swimming with Charlotte aquatics when he was a baby. He is in first grade and loves to play soccer, read, and hang out with friends.  His favorite Swim stroke is the breast stroke.  His favorite thing about Swimming is diving for toys and being with his friends at the pool in the summer.

Adriel’s Bio:

My name is Adriel, and I am 10 years old. I am in fifth grade. When I am not swimming, I play soccer and video games. My best swimming memory is learning how to do butterfly. My favorite stroke is the butterfly because it is such a fast-paced stroke. Swimming has changed my life because I can freely do cannonballs in the water.

Bio coming soon!


Bio coming soon!

As we wrap up this celebration of triumph and aquatic excellence, let’s keep the enthusiasm flowing like a steady current! At our swimming haven, we believe in starting the journey to water confidence early, with lessons available for little ones as young as 3 months. It’s not just about creating expert swimmers; it’s about instilling a lifelong love for the water. By diving in from the very beginning, we’re not only nurturing future champions but working towards our ultimate goal of preventing drowning one joyful splash at a time. So, whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just dipping your toes into the world of aquatic adventures, join us in celebrating the success stories of our Level Up Graduates and continue riding the wave of excitement that makes swimming with us an experience like no other. Until next time, keep swimming, keep smiling, and let the water be your endless playground!

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